Friday, April 01, 2011

Family Recipe Friday : Banana Salad

I was able to get mom to share another recipe & story :

Silver Lake, Indiana : September 1, 1969

Banana Salad

When I was about  9 years old,  my parents purchased a trailer and parked it at Silverlake, Ind.   We would go every weekend and take our weeks vacation there.   After I was married, my husband and I purchased a trailer and spent our weekends there also with our kids.   Every August, the trailer park would have a picnic.   One incident always comes to mind when I think of these fun picnics.  There would always be a row of tables filled with food and everyone would play jarts afterwards or sit around a campfire and play ukes.  The men always brought meat platter to use instead of paper plates.   My mother, Bonnie, took her delicious banana salad one year.  She was so proud of it and was furious when she discovered that one of the Thomas boys had eaten the entire bowl.  I can't blame him as I probably would have done the same thing.

    2 cups brown sugar                                             
    4 tablespoons flour                                            
    2 cups milk                                                    
    2 eggs                                                         
    1 stick butter                                                 
    1-2 bananas, sliced                                            
    1-2 cups crushed peanuts               

Cook brown sugar, flour, milk, eggs, and butter over low heat until thick.   When cool, layer with crushed peanuts and banans alternately.

Mom, Dad & Sweet Baby Travis

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