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Debra Rayhart said...

Hi I also descend from the Alderman Lines. The early Alderman's my information came from Scot Irish in Augusta Co and a journal written by Michael Luark. Catherine Warner son by another marriage. My link of James and Martha is William Perry who is brother to Richard. Would love to share info with anyone from these lines. Debra Alderman at

Hoosier Cousins said...


I saw a response from you in regards to a query on GenForum regarding Thirza Lemasters who married a Hudson. These are my 3rd great grandparents. Handy Hudson and Theresa "Thirza" Lemasters were married in Vigo Co, IN in 1829. I hope that you are able to help me out with Thirza's parents names and perhaps the county in Kentucky where they lived and where Thirza was born.
Thank you!

Lisa McCullough

Cathy M. Woo said...

This is what came up for me on my 23andMe DNA report:

Gloria LeMaster, Female
0.17% DNA shared across 2 segments

Predicted Relationship
4th Cousin (3rd to Distant Cousin)

I don't see any surnames in common, although a lot of my family was from the Midwest. My son's name is Travis, however. Ha! This is all new to me. I'll keep looking.
Thanks. Cathy Woo.

Cathy M. Woo said...

This is part of my 23andMe results:

Gloria LeMaster, Female
0.17% DNA shared across 2 segments

Predicted Relationship
4th Cousin (3rd to Distant Cousin)

So far I haven't found any surnames in common, although I have quite a few relatives from the Midwest.
Thanks. Cathy M. Woo.

Sarah Hughes said...

Hi Travis! I was wondering if you have any pictures of Cleo Lemaster and Elvin Lemaster in their younger days? They were my great grandparents. My daughter Lily's middle name is even Belle after my grandma Cleo. I am Cleo and Elvin's daughter Phyllis' son's daughter. Thank you!

Sarah Hughes (Stewart)
My email is

Jerry Shaw said...

Mr. LeMaster:

I’m attempting to complete an SAR application for the benefit of my grandchildren, as I am a descendant of Robert Wright, 4th gr. grandfather.

I’ve been unable to find independent source verification for the birth date and birth place of Hannah (Haden?) Wright, or the marriage place and date of Robert Wright and Catherine Applegate.

Hannah’s purported birth date of 24 Jun 1787 is close to that of William Wright 23 Jan 1787 in your webpages: and

The reference attached to her birth date :
Abbrev: Thyberg, Jean Sohm , Email of 10
Title: Thyberg, Jean Sohm , Email of 10 Jan 2002
I’m awaiting a response, but doubt that 14 years later, I will get one.

Also, this reference is to a document source even older.

Abbrev: John Wright Sr - Hannah Fessenden family group sheet
Title: Jan Stevenson, "John Wright Sr. - Hannah Fessenden family group sheet," c ompiled September 9, 1987 (E 211 Rasor Road, Belfair, Washington, USA 9 8528). handwritten dwritten " Compiled September 9, 1987. Available from E 211 Rasor Road, Belfair , Washington, USA 98528
Note: Handwritten note on back of page

For example, what is the origin of Haden? Her marriage to George Fisher is listed as Hannah Haden in published archives.

Since some of your source citations are private communications, dated many years ago, it is difficult to confirm.

Can you send copies for the SAR genealogists?

Thank you

Jerry Shaw
Robert Wright (1758 - 1840)

4th great grandfather

Hannah Wright (1783 - 1846)

daughter of Robert Wright

Daniel D Fisher (David) (1817 - 1903)

son of Hannah Wright

Sarah Louisa Fisher (1854 - 1937)

daughter of Daniel D Fisher (David)

Francis Margaret Forbeck (1878 - 1948)

daughter of Sarah Louisa Fisher

Frederick W Shaw (1908 - 1973)

son of Francis Margaret Forbeck

Jerry Carleton Shaw

Son of Frederick W Shaw

Lisa Owrns said...

I'm thrilled to find this! I'm related to the Strader/Borrors through my Downing side. I still can't find much on the Downing's. But, am so happy to find more about this branch. After a couple of decades, it's a bit of a relief.I was hoping someone has pictures of this branch they would share. My email is
Lisa (Downing) Owens

Lisa Owrns said...
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Honeysuckles and Hugs said...

Hey Travis,
My grandmother was Mickey LeMaster-Seiler, I have been researching our tree along with some of my cousins and I was wondering if you knew how I may get a copy of the lemasters,USA book? Any help would be amazing! My email is

Diane Hudson said...

I am possiby from the 'Robert Watkins Crockett' line. We think that Archibald Crockett (m. to Deborah McCamey Wilson) is our ancestor BUT the furthest back Crockett that we ARE sure about is Thomas Albert Crockett, b 1812 in Georgia and married Eliza Warren (daughter of Daniel Warren of Lincoln, Co., TN). I have been searching years.
Kathryn E. Jones linked two Crocketts as brothers (one from Georgia and the other from TN). We also believe that they are connected and also Thomas could be from John Crockett, brother of Davy. Do you know anything of this line. Lee Crockett of the 'Crockett Surname Project' says DNA says 'No'. But Kathryn E. Jones says she thought they were connected. If you are showing the 'Robert Watkins Crockett' line to be connected to 'David the elder'by Dna, I am certainly interested. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, 'looking for Thomas' father', Diane KH Hudson.

Edie H. said...

Brought to your wonderful page by a google search for my Dna match with R Lambertson Walsh, which may be a key for me in ascertaining some missing part of my family. history.Im going to dig around and see what I can see.I'll get back to you via email when I have a clue.Initially, the link seems to be in Tennessee. My 2x great-grandparents moved from NC to east TN (Cocke and Greene)to Brown Co.IN by the mid-late 1840s.

Edie H.