Sunday, September 02, 2007

Initial Conversion Experiences with RootsMagic

Having recently converted from FamilyTreeMaker to RootsMagic, I must say that I have been overwhelmed and pleasantly pleased with the experience. As previously noted, I had been using FTM since the mid-1990s when I obtained my first PC. Although I had only upgraded to FTM 6.0, I was still pleased with the database and it meet my needs. With each new upgrade to FTM, I hesitated to spend money going after minor tweaks to the program and/or additional 'bells and whistles' that I did not need. It was not until reading about the reviews of the new FTM 2008 that I decided to investigate upgrading my genealogical software and after doing so, I decided that FTM would not be the way to go. I am so glad that I found RootsMagic.

The database converted my FTM file into RootsMagic with ease, and I immediately set about looking at the various reports and charts. There are so many ways to 'tweak' the data, that I can tell that I am going to love using this program for a long time. Over the past few days I have been modifying some information in my database, correcting known problems, and adding a few 'to-do' list items.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about doing family history research just for the powerful source wizard alone. Already I have been able to use it to create source data for census records, etc. and found that in just a few quick steps, I had a source that was standardized along the lines of Elizabeth Shown Mills work "Evidence..." The family view in RootsMagic has allowed me to notice missing pieces of data in my research, and I've already created a few 'to-do' lists for my next research trip. The merge option was easy to use, and I found a few individuals that needed to be merged together. I have even played with the error reports and will slowly be correcting or ignoring potential errors that the program finds.

I can't praise this program enough! It is an easy to use and powerful database, with so many options and discoveries that await. It's hard to stay focused and realize that I have to go to work each day and not just stay at home and look at my family history in a new light.

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