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Surname Saturday: CHEW

The CHEW family is in my paternal family line. The origins of this surname are English.  The surname also appears in my maternal family line, to be discussed later.

Stories and history:

Ahnentafel # 17 : Mary Keziah Chew (1847-1927). Mary was born February 13, 1847 in Mt. Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey.  She married October 2, 1864 in Versailles, Darke County, Ohio to Luman Walker Lemasters Jr. (1842-1931). Luman was born October 19, 1842 in Shelby County, Ohio.  Luman was a Civil War veteran.  They lived in Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana, where Luman was a farmer.  Luman died November 18, 1931 in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana.  Mary died February 22, 1927 in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana.  Both are buried in the Salamonia Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana.

Anhentafel # 34 : Dr. Ezekiel Cooper Chew (1822-1888).  Ezekiel was born January 17, 1822 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  He married December 29, 1842 in New Jersey to Caroline Bishop Woolston (1826-1879).  He was a physician and they lived in Montgomery and Darke Cos., Ohio and Jay County, Indiana after their marriage and had 14 children.  Caroline died February 27, 1879 in Rossburg, Darke County, Ohio and is buried in the Webster Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio.  Ezekiel married secondly to a widow, Laura (______) Skaggs (c1822-aft1883) and they had one son.  Laura died in Jay County, Indiana.  Ezekiel married thirdly to Mary Jane Riddle (1845-1921) and they had one son.  Mary died in 1921 and is buried in the Lakeville Cemetery, St. Joseph County, Indiana.  Ezekiel was a graduate of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and practiced both medicine and law in Jay County, Indiana and St. Joseph County, Indiana.  He died August 27, 1888 in St. Joseph County, Indiana and is buried in the Lakeville Cemetery, St. Joseph County, Indiana.

Ahnentafel # 68 : Rev. Nathaniel Chew (1786-1866).  Nathaniel was born November 10, 1786 in Gloucester County, New Jersey. He married circa 1805 in ew Jersey to Keziah Driver.  He married circa 1812 in Gloucester County, New Jersey to Mary West (1795-1848).  Mary was born June 17, 1795 in New Jersey.  They had 3 children.  Mary died February 27, 1848 in New Jersey. Nathaniel married thirdly on December 10, 1848 in Iowa to Nancy Mosier.  Nathaniel was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal church.  He died January 24, 1866 in Mahaska County, Iowa.

Ahnentafel # 136 : Nathaniel Chew (1765-1841). Nathaniel was born in 1765 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  He married circa 1784 in New Jersey to Sarah Springer (1762-1845).  Sarah was born April 24, 1762 in Wilmington, Delaware.  They raised 8 children in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Sarah died in 1845.  Nathaniel died July 16, 1841 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Ahnentafel # 272 : Rev. Jesse Chew (1738-1812).  Jesse was born November 25, 1738 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  He married October 21, 1760 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Mary Richards (1738-1816).  Mary was born December 18, 1738 in New Jersey.  They raised 7 children in Gloucester County, New Jersey, where Jesse was a Methodist circuit rider.  Jesse was a known loyalist during the Revolutionary War.  Mary died May 7, 1816 in New Jersey.  Jesse died January 31, 1812.

Ahnentafel # 544 : Jeffrey Chew (1714-1774).  Jeffrey was born January 10, 1714 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  He married August 14, 1732 in Gloucester County, New Jersey to Amy Driver (c1715-1773).  Amy was born circa 1715.  They raised 7 children in Gloucester County, New Jersey, where they were members of the Society of Friends.  Amy died November 3, 1773 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Jeffrey died April 10, 1774 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Ahnentafel # 1088 : Nathaniel Chew (c1678-1731).  Nathaniel was born circa 1678 in Flushing, New York.  He married circa 1705 to Mary Clark (c1688-????).  Mary was born circa 1688.  They had 8 children and were members of the Society of Friends.  Nathaniel died September 14, 1731 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Ahnentafel # 2176 : Richard Chew (c1655-1726).  Richard was born circa 1655 in Flushing, New York.  He married March 1, 1675 in Flushing, New York to Frances Woodward.  They raised 10 children, moving sometime after 1698 to Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Richard died 1726 in Deptford Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Ahnentafel # 4352 : John Chew (1616-1672).  John was born in 1616 in England.  He married circa 1650 in Hingham, Massachusetts to Ann Gates. John died 1672 in Flushing, New York.

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Tracking Joseph & Mary Ann (Beals) Gilbert family

I've enjoyed tracking down the family records of my maternal cousin, Mary Ann (BEALS) GILBERT and her family through the census records available on  Mary was born March 27, 1859 in Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana.  She was enumerated with her parents on June 23, 1880 in Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana as a teacher.  According to her obituary, she moved to Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska to teach school - and that is where she met her future husband, Joseph E. Gilbert.  Joseph was born December 30, 1862 in Kewanee, Illinois.

According to Mary's obituary, the family lived in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas and finally came back to Nebraska.  Tracking them down in the census records confirms this.  Mary and Joseph were married February 27, 1884 in Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska.

In the 1900 census, the family was living in Girard, Crawford County, Kansas, where Joseph was a salesman.  The family consisted of Joseph, 38; Mary, 41; Gertrude, 15; and Clinton B, 9.  Gertrude was listed as being born in Kansas; Clinton was listed as being born in Nebraska.

Source: Joseph E. Gilbert household, 1900 U.S. census, Girard, Crawford County, Kansas, dwelling 118, family 118, [database on-line], Provo, UT

The state of Kansas conducted their own census on March 1, 1905, and the family was living at that time in Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas.  The family consisted at this time of Joseph, 42; Mary, 44; Clinton, 14; and Constance, 2.    Oldest daughter Getrude had died November 11, 1902, according to Mary's obituary, and probably died in Girard.

Source: J.E. Gilbert household, 1905 Kansas State census, population schedule, Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas, dwelling 26, family 26, [database on-line], Provo, UT.

In the 1910 census, the family had moved to Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, where Joseph was again a retail merchant.  The family consisted of Joseph, 47; Mary, 48; Clinton, 20 ; Hattie, 20 [Clinton's wife]; and Constance, 7.  Mary was listed as working as a clerk in the retail store. This is the only census where she was listed with an occupation since she was married.

Source: Joseph E. Gilbert household, 1910 U.S. census, Ward 4, Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, dwelling 284, family 241, [database on-line], Provo, UT

In the 1920 census, the family was still in Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.  Members listed were Joseph, 57; Mary, 61; and Constance, 17.  Joseph's occupation at this time was listed as a farmer.

Source: Joseph E. Gilbert household, 1920 U.S. census, Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, dwelling 17, family 17, [database on-line], Provo, Utah

Joseph died February 9, 1930 [probably Hennessey] and in the 1930 census Mary was living with Constance and her husband in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Probate information Mary Ann (Beals) Gilbert - 1933

Courtesy of researcher Jean Whiteneck, I have the following information about Mary Ann (BEALS) GILBERT probate record (1933).

Court Clerk office, Kingfisher, Kingfisher Co., OK
Case # 1830  Bok 5 pg. 581
Gilbert, Mary Ann, dec. aka M. A. Gilbert
Died 11- 28-1933 Hennessey, Kingfisher, OK @ home
Real estate Lots 1, 2, 3 in Block 30 Town of Hennessey   value  $1500.00
Shares in Farmers Elevator value $100.00

Clinton B. Gilbert son age 43 resides Three Sands, OK
Constance F. Jackson daug. age 31 resides 729 Asp Ave. Norman, OK
Petitioner is the daughter.
E. M. Bradley---Attorney for Petitioneer
Apprasial by: James Blye, Orren Anderson, Virgil Cordry  --  residents
Claims against estate:
Dr. F. H. Brinkley dated 2-12-1934 dentist $26.00
Cordry & Young Furniture & Undertaking  (Funeral exp.)
Casket $165.00; Vault $115.00; imbalming (their spelling) $25.00; Hearse & ? (coundn't make out the writing on that part)  $17.50; Funeral notice $3.00;
state tax $2.80 for total of $328.30.

Clinton B. Gilbert son and Constance E. Jackson daughter of deceased each an undivied one half percent in Certificte # 238 the same representing one hare of stock in the Farmers Elevator & Co-op Association of Hennessey

No inheritance tax due or owing from this estate final account 1 Aug. 1935.

Hattie Gilbert (who this is I have no clue)  received from estate the following:
Construction $26.00 for repairs on house in Hennessey
$15.00 for papering the same and
$16.75 for burial clothing for deceased.

Sold real estate to E. B. Harvey for $1000.00  -- forgot to get the date but it was around the time the estate was final I think.

Tombstone Tuesday: William A. and Wanda K. (Peden) LeMaster

William Arden and Wanda Kate (PEDEN) LeMASTER are buried in the Salamonia Cemetery, Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana.  William was my 1st cousin once removed.

William was born September 7, 1924 in Jay County, Indiana, the son of John Leland and Dortha LeEtta (DeLAUTER) LeMASTER.

Wanda was born October 3, 1924 in Jay County, Indiana, the daughter of Glen and Velma C. (DISHER) PEDEN.

William and Wanda were married October 15, 1944 in Grant County, Indiana.  They had 2 children.

William died October 15, 1978 in Portland, Jay County, Indiana.  Wanda died November 18, 2008.

Source: Salamonia Cemetery (Jay County, Indiana), William A. and Wanda K. LeMaster marker, photographed by Travis LeMaster, 26 March 2009.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: Fine Canoeing here in Portland, Ind. (1912)

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

This postcard from October 11, 1912 was written to my paternal great-aunt, Vera HALEY by L.S., possibly Lottie STUBER, her future sister-in-law.

"Miss Vera Haley, Portland, Ind., R. # 9"
"How is everything? Hope Ruth [my grandmother, Vera's sister] is better. I am pretty tired again. Was sick with a cold. Hazel has a sore throat & diptheria is thick in town. We are scared. I am going out to Belle - Sun. Write me a letter. L.S."
 "3:30 Fri Heard from John May"
The reference to "going out to Belle - Sun.", I believe is referring to her going to Bellefountaine, Jay County, Indiana on Sunday.  I'm pretty sure the surname mentioned on the side scribble is May, but I'm not sure what the relationship is to these families.

Vera HALEY married Clarence STUBER, son of Henry and Martha STUBER, of Noble Township, Jay County, Indiana on February 14, 1915 in Jay County, Indiana.

John Newmark at TransylvanianDutch started this Monday genealogy meme, which has quickly spread throughout the Geneablogger community. I am excited to be a participant and transcribe the records of my family.

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Gilbert burials in Hennessey, Oklahoma

From correspondence with Jean Whiteneck, was given the following information on the Gilbert's buried in Hennessey cemetery.  I created memorials at website and requested photos:

Old Section
Gilbert, P. M.  1830-1921 father, wonder if they would have an obit on him?? Are you interested in an obit on him???

Gilbert, E. A.  1832 - 1911 mother

Old Sesc. Block 316 Lot 1
Gilbert, Clinton B.  Oct. 5, 1890  - April 12, 1968  do you need an obit on him??

I'm thinking that he is buried close to his parents or maybe in the same plot.  Who knows, his name was 1st in the alpha list & the block & lot on P. M. & E. A. were blank

 According to her obituary, Mary Ann (Beals) Gilbert should be buried there as well.  Hopefully, someone will be kind enough to photograph the cemetery.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Funeral Services for Mrs. Mary Ann Gilbert

Source : The Hennessey Clipper, Hennessey, Oklahoma, December 7, 1933, page 6


Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Ann Gilbert, who passed away suddenly the evening of November 28th, were held from the M.E. church, Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.  The services were conducted by Rev. Grant, pastor, assisted by Rev. H.M. James, of Watonga, a former pastor of the Hennessey church.  Many old friends and neighbors attended to pay their respects to one who had shared the difficulties and privations of a new country and also the pleasures resulting from the firm friendships and the neighborly interests one with another of those early days.

Those from out of town attending the funeral were Mr. Jamison, Post Commander of the American Legion at Three Sands, and Mrs. Jamison; John Jackson, Alex, Okla., Mrs. Alice Mauk, Mrs. Laura Cochran, Mrs. Mildred Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Davis, and Mrs. Verda Weimer, of Kingfisher; Mrs. Dan Nelson of Oklahoma City; Mr. and Mrs. Karl Snider, of Quannah, Texas, and Joe Shearer, of Enid.

Interment was made in the Hennessey cemetery following the services.


Mary Ann Beals, daughter of John and Mary Beals, was born March 27, 1859, in Hamilton county, Indiana, and departed this life November 28, 1833. [sic]

When a young woman, she went to Nebraska to teach school, and there met and was married to Joseph E. Gilbert, February 27, 1884, at Humboldt, Nebraska.  To this union was born one son and two daughters.  Gertrude Marie, who was taken to her heavenly home on November 22, 1902; Clinton B. Gilbert, of Three Sands, Oklahoma, and Constance F. Jackson, of Hennessey.

The first years of Mr. and Mrs. Gilberts married life was spent in Nebraska.  From there they moved to Oklahoma and later removed to Kansas.  Then in 1907 they returned to Oklahoma, where their last years were spent together.

Almost four years ago, on February 9, 1930, after a long illness, Mr. Gilbert joined Gertrude Marie, in their home beyond.

By birthright, Mrs. Gilbert was a member of the Quaker church, her mother and father being Quakers.

In later years she moved to Humboldt, Nebraska, and there being no Quaker church, she transferred her membership to the Methodist church.  She always transferred her membership as she moved to different localities and she remained a faithful member of the Methodist church until the day of her death.

While residing in Kansas, Mrs. Gilbert was an active Rebekah.  She became a member of the Order of the Eastern Star soon after returning to Oklahoma, holding the office of Electa for many years.

She leaves to mourn her departure one son, one daughter, two granddaughters, one brother - Frank Beals - and a host of devoted friends.


Thanks to Jean Whiteneck for obtaining this obituary for me.  Mary Ann (Beals) Gilbert was my maternal 3rd-great grandaunt, daughter of John T. and Mary (Davis) Beals, and the younger sister of my Nathan T. Beals.

Surname Saturday: YOUNG

The YOUNG family is my paternal line. The origins of this surname are Germanic, so the original spelling was more likely JUNG.

Stories and History:

Ahnentafel # 33: Nancy Young (1812-1904). Nancy was born June 2, 1812 in Pickaway County, Ohio. She married January 19, 1832 in Shelby County, Ohio to Rev. Luman Walker Lemasters Sr. (1808-1888). Luman was born March 11, 1808 in Mason County, Virginia. Luman was an Methodist Episcopal minister and farmer. They moved from Shelby County, Ohio to Jay County, Indiana in 1854, settling in Madison Township.  They raised 11 children. Luman died April 15, 1888 in Jay County, Indiana.  Nancy died August 26, 1904 in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana.  Both are buried in the Salamonia Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana.

Ahnentafel # 66: Phillip Young (1787-1850). Phillip was born October 11, 1787 in Berkeley County, Virginia.  He married circa 1806 to Nancy Ann McLane (c1790-1825). Nancy was born circa 1790 in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, Virginia. Nancy died May 1825, probably in Pickaway County, Ohio.  Phillip married secondly July 30, 1826 in Pickaway County, Ohio to Keziah Curtis (1808-1891). Keziah was born April 11, 1808 in Pickaway County, Ohio.  Phillip was a farmer and War of 1812 veteran.  Phillip and Nancy had 11 children, and Phillip and Keziah had 10 children. Keziah died February 16, 1891 in Shelby County, Ohio.  Phillip died May 29, 1850 in Shelby County, Ohio.  Both are buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Shelby County, Ohio.

Ahnentafel # 122: Charles Young (1757-1848).  Charles was born in April 1757 in Germany, near the border with Holland.  He served in the Revolutionary War in General Sullivan's division, and is recognized as a D.A.R. patriot.  He married before 1787, probably Berkeley County, Virginia to Catherine Elizabeth Kint (1768-1841).  Catherine was born July 29, 1768 in Germany.  Charles and Elizabeth had 10 children.  Sometime after 1812, Charles left his wife and fathered a daughter by a housekeeper.  Charles died in 1848 in Berkeley County, Virginia.  After the war of 1812, Catherine and several of her children moved to Shelby County, Ohio.  Catherine died April 17, 1841 in Auglaize County, Ohio.  She is buried in the Presser Cemetery, St. John's, Ohio.

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Daniel King (1820-1876)

Daniel KING (1820-1876) was my maternal third great-grandfather. The ethnic origins of the KING line are unknown at this time.

The following facts about Daniel's life are known:
  • Birth: In the 1850 census, Daniel is listed as aged 29, born in Tennessee. In the 1860 census, Daniel is listed as aged 39, born in Indiana. In the 1870 census, Daniel is listed as aged 50, born in Ohio.  His tombstone lists his age as 55 years, 5 months and 21 days.  With a death date of February 24, 1876, I've calculated his birth as September 3, 1820.
  • Marriage: Daniel married Elizabeth SHAW, daughter of William and Mary (HECK) SHAW on December 5, 1847 in Madison County, Indiana.  Madison County is a burned county, and the state database of marriages prior to 1850 does not list their marriage.
  • Census: In 1850, Daniel was head of household in Jackson Township, Madison County, Indiana.  His occupation was listed as farmer, and the value of real estate was $400.
  • Census: In 1860, Daniel was head of household in Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana.  His occupation was listed as farmer, and the value of real estate was $4000, and his personal estate was valued at $1375.
  • Census: In 1870, Daniel was head of household in Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana.  His occupation was listed as farmer, and the value of real estate was $14,500, and his personal estate was valued at $6031.
  • Death: Daniel died February 24, 1876 and is buried in the Howard Cemetery, Pipe Creek Township, Madison County, Indiana.  A memorial page is listed at FindAGrave
The following facts need further research and/or documentation to complete my research:
  • Birth: Need to be better able to nail down Daniel's place of birth.  Older brother, Thomas (b. 1817) and younger brother, George (b. 1823) both report being born in Ohio, so where did the Tennessee birth come from in the 1850 census record?  The 1850 census also lists his wife as being born in Tennessee, when other records list her birthplace as Ohio as well.
  • Obituary: While there may not be an obituary available, I need to search out Anderson, Indiana newspapers to see if one is available.  
  • Land Records: There are doubtless land records that need to be explored in Madison County, Indiana that will flesh out the details of Daniel's life.

Ancestry of Daniel KING (1820-1876), Ahnentafel # 50 in my ancestry:

Ahnentafel # 100: William KING (c1790-1869); North Carolina>Wabash Co.,IN

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Charles E. PEEPLES (d. 1876)

Eileen's maternal 1st cousin 3 times removed, Charles C. PEEPLES, is buried in the Washington-Lawson Cemetery, Union Township, Marshall County, Indiana.

Charles was the son of John R. and Electa (McMILLEN) PEEPLES.  His tombstone states that he died May 2, 1876, aged 2 months.

Source: Washington-Lawson Cemetery (Marshall County, Indiana), Charles Peeples marker, photographed by Travis LeMaster, 4 September 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Obituary: Mary Ann (Beals) Gilbert (1859-1933)

Source: Hennessey Clipper, November 30, 1933, page 1

Mrs. Gilbert Victim of Heart Attack

Stricken Suddenly While Attending O.E.S. Chapter Tuesday Evening, 
She Passed Away Approximately a Half Hour Later

Mrs. J.E. Gilbert, 74 years of age, a pioneer resident of Kingfisher county, passed away at the family home on East Oklahoma avenue Tuesday evening approximately a half hour after she had been stricken while in attendance at a meeting of the Order of the Eastern Star in Masonic hall.

Complaining of a feeling of nausea during the early evening she was hurriedly taken home and a physician summoned. She expired a few minutes after the doctor had departed.  Mrs. Gilbert had suffered of heart trouble for a number of years.

She is survived by a son and daughter, Mr. Clint Gilbert, of Three Sands, Okla., and Mrs. C.E. Jackson, of Hennessey.

Funeral services will be held at 2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon.


Thanks to fellow researcher, Jean Whiteneck, I know have this obituary of my maternal 3rd-great grandaunt.  Mary Ann BEALS was the daughter of John T. and Mary (DAVIS) BEALS, and the younger sister of my Nathan T. BEALS.  Mary was born March 27, 1859 in Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana.  She married on February 27, 1884 to Joseph Edwin GILBERT, son of P.M. and Emily GILBERT.

Schaeffer and Rieber Families: Evansville, Indiana

I was contacted awhile back by Ray Bland, who is doing research on the SCHAEFFER family of Evansville, Indiana and believes that he's found connections with Corinne's paternal 2nd-great grandmother, Elizabeth "Lillie" (SCHAEFFER) MILLER (1873-1937).  Ray believes that Lillie is the daughter of Charles and Mary (RIEBER) SCHAEFFER of Evansville.

I've previously posted Lillie MILLER's obituary, which states that among others, she was survived by a brother, John SCHAEFER.

The Browning Genealogy Obituary database contains the following obituary card for a Peter SCHAEFER.

So, now we have possibly two brothers for "Lillie"; Peter and John.  Even though Peter's obit card refers to her as Lillian, and spells Schaeffer with only one "F", I still believe we have the same family.  In the 1900 census of Vanderburgh County, Indiana, Lillie is listed as Elizabeth MILLER, age 27, white female, born March 1873 born in Indiana.  In the 1910 and 1920 census, she is listed as Lizzie MILLER.  Her obit card in the Browning Genealogy Obituary database lists here as Mrs. Lillie MILLER:

Looking for Lillie in the 1880 census, we find the family of Charles and Mary (RIEBER) SCHAEFFER in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana. 

Charley SCHAEFFER, a 27 year old varnisher, was living at 812 Second Avenue in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  He was born in Louisiana and both parents were from Germany.  His wife, Mary, was also 27, born in Indiana with both parents born in Germany.  Children were listed as : Lilly, aged 7; Peter, aged 5; John, aged 3; and Katie, aged 9 months; all born in Indiana.

According to Ray Bland, he's found evidence that Charles shot and killed his wife, Mary, on September 16, 1883.  There is a memorial for Maria Eva (RIEBER) SCHAEFFER on the Find A Grave website, buried in St. Joseph Catholic  Cemetery in Evansville. Maria was the daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (SCHUHMACHER) RIEBER.

More research needs to be done, and it looks like I have a few new leads to check out.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Church Record Sunday: Mt. Zion Church has served Noble area since 1852

The following is an article that appeared in the Portland, Indiana Commercial Review on March 19, 1977, page 19.  Mt. Zion church was the spiritual home of my HALEY and allied families for many years. I've added my comments in red.

The Mt. Zion Church in Noble Township was organized in 1852, just a few years before the beginning of the Civil War.
This was about the same time Muncie celebrated the completion of the Bellefountain and Indianapolis railroad to Muncie and the same year of the first state fair held at Indianapolis.
A. Nicolai and Frederick Schumerman of St. Mary’s, Ohio circuit conducted the organizational meeting the Mt. Zion (Evangelical Association) at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Haley.[maternal 3rd-great granduncle, brother of George J.]  The Haleys were married Feb. 25, 1846 and came to Jay County in 1850 from Ohio, where he purchased 120 acres of land.
Charter members of the church were: Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Haley, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Houdeschell, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Wentz, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ferner, and Catherine Young.
Daniel Ferner started a tile factory and pottery, in 1861, one of the first industries in the township.  They came to Jay County from Fairfield County, Ohio, and located on a 92-acre farm.  They lived in an old log cabin for two years, then built a hewed log house for a pottery and brought clay from Ohio to make the pottery.  This didn’t prove to be successful, so he made tile from local clay.  In 1879, he moved into a better home.  He and his wife had 11 children.
These charter members worshipped in homes and barns from about 1852 to 1855 when they built a log church.  The 20 or 25 feet square structure seated about 100.  The land was donated by C. Young.  The pews were homemade.
In 1881, the log church was replaced with a brick building 30 by 50 feet at a cost of $2,000.  Most of the labor was donated.
The bricks for the new building were made and burned by Fred Haley [son of Sebastian] in Noble township.  Henry Miller donated the sand and the lime was purchased from the Wagner Lime Kiln, near Fort Recovery, Ohio.  The church was dedicated Dec. 11, 1881 by William Yost from Cleveland, Ohio.
In the early days of the church, people often walked two or three miles to meetings.  At night, they carried lanterns.  Years later, a light plant furnished lights, and when electricity was available, the church was wired for electric lights.
In 1887, the Mt. Zion Church of the Evangelical Association had a membership of 88.  Class leaders were George W. Haley [2nd-great grandfather] and A.[August] Geggenheimer [2nd-great granduncle - husband of Sarah C. Haley] ; exhorters were William Haley [son of Sebastian] and Albert Graves.  Pastor was Rev. H.E. Meyers of Fort Recovery.
Among the preceding pastors were: L.S. Fisher, G.W. Holderman, B.F. Dill, J.D. Pontius.
Sunday school attendance during the 1880’s averaged 60. Adams Metzner [2nd-great grandfather John Adam Metzner] was superintendent.
The church later changed to part of the Portland Circuit.  J.E. Young served from 1910 to 1911 and W.I. Weyant of the Pittsburgh Conference filled the vacancy for two years.
In 1933, the church was re-roofed at a cost of $180.  Mt. Zion became an Evangelical United Brethren Church in 1946, following a merger of the two denominations.
This church was then assigned to the Albright Circuit in 1951.
On Sept. 7, 1952, a centennial celebration was held.  Guest speakers were Rev. Reuben H. Mueller, Rev. C.W. Walmer, a former pastor, and Rev. Hugh Cobb.
In 1958, the church was remodeled by digging a basement, bracing the walls with cement pillars, and raising the floor of the sanctuary three feet.  Cost of the project was $4,000 besides the donated labor.
Later a furnace, well, water system, restrooms, and a kitchen were installed.  A tile ceiling was installed in 1960.  Since then, new carpeting and wallpaper have been added.
The church is now a two-point charge with Westchester United Methodist Church.  Rev. Larry Werbil is pastor and Earl Brumm is superintendent.
Mt. Zion church photographed by author in 2009

Thursday, October 07, 2010

John Wright Cemetery Plot: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Alexandria, IN

Above is a copy of the cemetery plot map of the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Alexandria, Madison County, Indiana for John W. and Ellen (KING) WRIGHT.  They are buried in Section C, plot 242.

I visited the Monroe Township Trustee's office today, and they were generous enough to provide me with a copy of the plot.  

The trustee added the directional arrows and placed the question mark on grave number 1.  Ella WRIGHT is buried in grave # 2, and John W. WRIGHT is in grave # 3.  Grave # 1 appears that it is much smaller, and that it could be for a child.

Ellen [Ella in the record] was buried in 1913, and John in 1945.  John was listed as having a vault, but not Ellen.  I went back out to the cemetery to double check that there were only two stones.

There are only two stones, one for Ellen, the other for John, with a larger stone that says "WRIGHT" on both sides.  The plot is located just inside the cemetery near the war memorial monument, and is along the edge of the circle drive.

While this is not conclusive proof, it does lend some credence to the fact that an infant or two might be buried with them in this cemetery plot.

Beals & Hinshaw: Buggies and Wagons: Westfield, Indiana

Source: Postoffice Directory of Hamilton County, Indiana; 1893-94; Ledger Book and Job Print, Noblesville, Indiana, page 49.

I found this advertisement listing the business venture of my maternal 3rd-great grandfather, Nathan Thomas BEALS (1856-1915).  It was nice to find a record of him during the 1890's in Hamilton County, Indiana.

Previously, in 1885 census he was living in Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska where his occupation was listed as school teacher.  The 1900 census in Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana lists him as a dealer in hardware.

Earlier I had posted about his obituary and his death in Arkansas.  There are many mysteries about this man yet to be discovered.

I have not yet identified the relationship with A.S. HINSHAW.  However, there was a Beals-Hinshaw connection, as Nathan's sister, Elizabeth, married Solomon Hinshaw in Hamilton County, Indiana.  It was their sons, Ed and Luther, that Nathan was involved with in the sawmill business in Arkansas.

He was referred to often in the records as simply "N.T. Beals".  

Nathan Thomas BEALS was born February 17, 1856 in Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana, the son of John T. and Mary (DAVIS) BEALS.  He married September 26, 1876 in Hamilton County, Indiana to Elizabeth Caroline POE, daughter of Isaac S. and Hannah (MILLS) POE.  Nathan died February 16, 1915 in Leola, Grant County, Arkansas and is buried in the Cicero Cemetery, Hamilton County, Indiana.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What Happened to Grandma's Babies?

Until I started digging more deeply into the census records, I was sure that I had written down everything about the family group that was my maternal 2nd-great grandparents, John William and Ellen (KING) WRIGHT.  I always knew that my great-grandfather, Virgil, had a younger brother named Chester Arthur, who went by the name "Mike".  End of story, right?

The census records tell a slightly different story, beginning with the 1900 census of Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana.  Ellen WRIGHT is a wife, aged 31, married for 14 years and the mother of children, 2 of them living.  So that means that one of her children was deceased by 1900.  In the 1910 census of the same township, Ellen is aged 41, married for 24 years and the mother of 4 children, 2 of them living.  So sometime between 1900-1910 there was another child that was born and died.

I'm now seeking two additional children for this family:
Unknown child # 1: born between 1888 (marriage date) and 1900 census; died before 1900 census
 Unknown child # 2: born between 1900 census and died before 1910 census.

Who are these additional children?  Are their names lost to time?  There are no headstones in the local cemetery.  No one has included them in any family group sheets I've ever seen for this family.  There is no known Bible record that shows who these babies might have been.

A search of the birth records indexed by the WPA has been negative for any WRIGHT that would match this family.  Likewise for the death records. Indiana law required the recording of births in 1882.  However, compliance with the law was sketchy up until around 1900.  These births probably took place at home during this time period.

My best bet would be to find a mention in a local newspaper, but alas, the local paper in Alexandria at the public library starts with 1905.

Any clues on where to begin to find these babies?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The first wife of Edmund G. Pierce (1837-1875)

My maternal 3rd-great grandfather, Edmund G. PIERCE, was married on October 17, 1858 in Preble County, Ohio to Lydia DUELL, daughter of Joshua and Abigail (BORTON) DUELL.  Lydia was born March 26, 1838 in Pilesgrove, New Jersey.

Edmund and Lydia's marriage was short-lived, as she died September 14, 1860, according to her tombstone, and is buried in the West Grove Cemetery, Centreville, Wayne County, Indiana.  The Borton/Duell family Bible record, however, records her death as "Lydia B. Pierce departed her life the fifteenth of the eight month 1860".

Lydia's family were Quakers, and I haven't found any evidence that Edmund was, though I do not know what faith the Pierce family was.

Ancestry user oregontrailgal has provided me with information from the Bible, and has posted the information online.

I have yet to find the family in the 1860 census.  They could be in either Preble County, Ohio or Wayne County, Indiana.  Edmund was living in Wayne County, Indiana in the 1850 census.  After Lydia's death, he married Catherine GROENENDYKE in 1864 in Madison County, Indiana - my line.

Preble County, Ohio and Wayne County, Indiana are both border counties, so I will have to continue to search for records in both places.