Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Samuel Lewis family - Miami Co., IN

The Samuel LEWIS family was enumerated in the 1860 & 1870 census of Richland Twp., Miami Co., IN. Samuel was my wife's maternal third-great granduncle, the son of Nathaniel and Nancy Ann (SNIDER) LEWIS.

Samuel was a farmer with a real estate value of $6500 in 1860 and a personal estate valued at $1500. By 1870, his real estate was valued at $8000 and his personal estate was valued at $2500. Samuel was born in Ohio, while his wife Mary was born in Virginia. All of their children were born in Indiana.

Son Aaron was living next door by 1870, and eldest daughter Nancy was still living at home at age 27 in the 1870 census. All of the children had attended school within the year.

Samuel LEWIS b. November 26, 1815 Ohio, d. May 7, 1872 Denver, Miami Co., IN., m. December 9, 1838 Hagerstown, Wayne Co., IN to Mary MATCHET. Mary b. November 26, 1815 Lexington, VA, d. September 16, 1905 Denver, Miami Co., IN.

Known children of Samuel and Mary (MATCHET) LEWIS :
i. Aaron LEWIS b. ca. 1840 Indiana, m. Catherine ________
ii. Nancy LEWIS b. ca. 1843 Indiana
iii. Sarah LEWIS b. ca. 1846 Indiana
iv. Louisa LEWIS b. ca. 1848 Indiana
v. Henry LEWIS b. ca. 1850 Indiana
vi. George LEWIS b. ca. 1853 Indiana
vii. Ann LEWIS b. ca. 1858 Indiana
viii. Mary LEWIS b. ca. 1859 Indiana
ix. William LEWIS b. ca. 1864 Indiana

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nathaniel Lewis family - Hamilton Co., IN

The Nathaniel LEWIS family appears in the 1870 census of Jackson Twp., Hamilton Co., IN. Nathaniel was the son of Nathaniel and Nancy (SNIDER) LEWIS.

Nathaniel's occupation was given as a farmer, and the value of his real estate was $2000 and the value of his personal estate was $400. He was married to his second wife, Nancy ZOOK at the time. Nancy was born circa 1830 in Pennsylvania. Nathaniel had been married previously to her sister, Mary.

The children listed in the household included : Larna, aged 16 years; Isaac, aged 11 years; and Nathaniel aged 4 months.

Nathaniel LEWIS b. March 26, 1822 Montgomery Co., OH., d. February 16, 1871 Cicero, Hamilton Co., IN., m(1) January 26, 1845 to Mary ZOOK; m(2) October 14, 1855 Wayne Co., IN to Nancy ZOOK. Mary ZOOK b. November 19, 1827 Pennsylvania, d. August 11, 1854 Wayne Co., IN.; Nancy ZOOK b. December 29, 1830 Pennsylvania, d. September 23, 1909 Lordsburg, CA.

Marietta Lewis family - Wabash Co., IN

The widow Marietta LEWIS appears in the 1900 census of Lagro Twp., Wabash Co., IN. Marietta was my wife's maternal 2nd-great grandmother, the widow of Jacob LEWIS and the daughter of Robert and Sarah (CYROLE) COOK.

Marietta's occupation was not given, but her son Amberson, was listed as a farm laborer. Marietta stated that her father was born in North Carolina and her mother in Pennsylvania, which conflicts with data from the 1860 census, where her father was listed as being from South Carolina and her mother from Kentucky. Marietta's husband, Jacob LEWIS, had passed away on April 22, 1898 in Lancaster, Huntington Co., IN.

Listed with Marietta were her son Amberson, aged 20; Wilford, aged 17; Lawrence S., aged 15; and Everett, aged 4. Daughter Elleiny was not listed, though she should be living at that time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leander Lewis family - Huntington Co., IN

The Leander LEWIS family was enumerated in the 1900-1920 census of Jefferson Twp., Huntington Co., IN. Leander was Eileen's maternal 2nd-great granduncle, the son of Solomon and Margaret (RHINEHART) LEWIS.

Leander was a farmer who owned his own home in all three census records. He listed his father as being born in Indiana in the 1900 and 1910 census, but in 1920, his father was listed as being from Pennsylvania. Leander's wife, Emily, was recorded as Emma, and she listed herself as born in Ohio with both parents being from Ohio. Both Leander and Emma could read and write.

Only one child, Ernest, was listed in the 1900 census, as a farm laborer, born February 1888. Yet the 1900 census states that Emma was the mother of 2 children who were both living. I have not yet found the record of the other child. By the 1910 census, Ernest was not living with his parents.

Leander LEWIS b. December 25, 1855 Huntington Co., IN., d. April 6, 1929 Huntington Co., IN., m. November 18, 18777 Huntington Co., IN to Emily ADAMS. Emily b. April 23, 1861 Preble Co., OH., d. January 31, 1932 Huntington Co., IN.

Known children :
i. Ernest LEWIS b. February 1888 Indiana.

Lawrence S. Lewis family - Wabash Co., IN

The Lawrence S. LEWIS family was enumerated in the 1910 and 1920 census of LaGro Twp., Wabash Co., IN. Lawrence was Eileen's maternal great-grandfather, the son of Jacob and Marietta (COOK) LEWIS.

Lawrence's occupation was that of a farmer who could read and write. His own was listed as free of mortgage in 1910, but mortgaged by the 1920 census. Wife Ruth Alice was the mother of 3 children, all living in 1910 census, who could also read and write.

The rest of the family included children : Lucille, Ernest, Flossie, Galen, Daniel and Leota in the 1920 census. Next door neighbors in the 1920 census were the PEFLEY family. Daughter Leota would later marry their son Sherman.

Lawrence S. LEWIS b. March 30, 1885 Lancaster, Huntington Co., IN., d. June 26, 1947 Dora, Wabash Co., IN., m. February 24, 1906 Dora, Wabash Co., IN to Ruth Alice SILLS, daughter of Christopher and Samantha (SHELLY) SILLS. Ruth b. March 29, 1889 Dora, Wabash Co., IN., d. February 18, 1959 Wabash, Wabash Co., IN.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Daniel Lewis household - Huntington Co., IN

The Daniel LEWIS family was enumerated in the 1900 and 1910 census of Salamonie Twp., Huntington Co., IN. Daniel was Eileen's maternal 2nd-great granduncle, the son of Solomon and Margaret (RHINEHART) LEWIS.

Daniel's occupation was not given in the 1900 census, in fact, it was listed as "N.G.". In the 1910 census, his occupation was listed as "own income." In both census records, it was stated that he could not read, but could write. His wife, Alpha M., could both read and write. Daniel's parents were listed as both being born in Ohio, while Alpha's father was born in Ohio and her mother in Indiana.

In the 1900 census, their 14 year old daughter, Lena M. was listed with the family. She was attending school. By the 1910 census she was no longer living in the household. I do not yet have any record of a marriage for her.

Daniel LEWIS b. August 23, 1862 Huntington Co., IN., d. November 28, 1914 Huntington Co., IN., m. June 6, 1885 Huntington Co., IN to Alpha M. RICHARDSON. Alpha b. October 1865 Indiana, d. January 23, 1946 Indiana.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Amberson G. Lewis family - Huntington & Wabash Cos., Indiana

Amberson G. LEWIS and family are enumerated in the 1910 census of Dallas Twp., Huntington Co., IN and the 1920 census of Wabash, Wabash Co., IN. Amberson was Eileen's maternal great-granduncle, the son of Jacob and Marietta (COOK) LEWIS.

Amberson was a factory worker in both census records, in the 1920 census he was listed as a machinist. Wife Mona was the mother of two children in1910, both living, and they had been married for 7 years. I have their marriage in my database as 1922, but I imagine that is a typographical error and it should be 1902. Right now, I have no source for the marriage date. Both Mona and Amberson's parents are listed as being born in Indiana, although in the 1920 census, Amberson stated that his father was born in the 'United States'.

In the 1920 census, son Paul was no longer a student, but had gone to work in a factory at age 16. His brother, Kenneth, was still a student.

Amberson G. LEWIS b. October 1879 Huntington Co., IN., d. November 9, 1937 Hamilton Co., IN., m. 1902 in Huntington Co., IN to Mona Belle MILLER. Mona b. December 2, 1882 Huntington Co., IN, d. August 24, 1959 Miami Co., IN.

Friday, October 12, 2007

William C. Lemaster family - Larimer & Teller Cos. Colorado

William Clifford LEMASTER and family appear in the 1910 census of Ft. Collins, Larimer Co., CO. William was my paternal great-granduncle, the son of Luman Walker and Mary Keziah (CHEW) LEMASTERS.

William's occupation was that of a bank cashier. He had been married for 17 years, and was born in Ohio. His wife, Lella, was listed as age 38, born in Indiana, and the mother of four children, all of whom were living in the 1910 census. The children were all attending school, except for young William C. Junior, who was only five years old.

By the 1920 census, William and Lella were divorced, and William was living with son Ralph as a lodger in the household of Francis P. HALL in Victor, Teller Co., CO. William's occupation at that time was a proprietor of a theatre, and Ralph was working as an express driver.

William Clifford LEMASTERS b. September 1, 1871 Darke Co., OH, d. July 26, 1922 Colorado, m. August 20, 1892 Jay Co., IN to Lella Edith LEWIS, daughter of Morgan B. and Hattie (________) LEWIS. Lella b. April 9, 1877 Jay Co., IN., d. April 1, 1943 Martinez, CA.

Children of William C. and Lella E. (LEWIS) LEMASTERS are as follows :
i. Gladys Armorel LEMASTERS b. October 28, 1893
ii. Lella Lewis LEMASTERS b. March 28, 1897
iii. Ralph Morgan LEMASTERS b. June 30, 1902
iv. William Clifford LEMASTERS b. August 22, 1904

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Phillip Lemasters family - 1900 Allen Co., OH

Phillip LEMASTERS and family were enumerated in Spencerville, Spencer Twp., Allen Co., OH in the 1900 census. Phillip was my paternal 2nd-great granduncle, the son of Luman and Nancy (YOUNG) LEMASTERS.

Phillip was listed as being born June 1836 in Ohio and his occupation was that of a clergyman. His father was listed as being born in West Virginia and his mother in Ohio. Phillip's wife, Elizabeth, was born June 1848 in Ohio, and her parents were both born in Ohio. Their only child was daughter, Bessie E., born October 1880 in Ohio.

Phillip LEMASTERS b. June 10, 1836 Shelby Co., OH., d. after 1910 census, m. September 1, 1870 Allen Co., OH to Elizabeth C. HOOVER, daughter of Cyrus and Martha (PAST) HOOVER. Elizabeth b. June 1848 Ohio, d. after 1910 census.

Dr. Ord O. LeMaster family - 1920 Shelby Co., OH

The Ord O. LeMASTER household was enumerated in the 1st ward of the city of Sidney in the 1920 census of Shelby Co., OH. Ord was the son of Luman Walker and Mary Keziah (CHEW) LeMASTERS. In this census, the name was rendered LeMASTER.

Ord was listed as a physician, aged 43, born in Indiana who owned his own home free of mortgage. Wife Emma was aged 38, born in Indiana as well. Ord's parents were listed as being both born in Indiana, while Emma's mother was listed as being born in Alsace Lorraine and spoke French.

Daughter Isabel, aged 9, was also enumerated with the family, but the census record did not indicate that she attended school within the year. I'm sure that she did.

Ord Otterbein LeMASTERS b. January 1, 1876 Jay Co., IN., d. September 19, 1937, m. June 12, 1907 to Emma W.G. GARMHAUSEN. Emma was born June 15, 1881 and died February 10, 1956. Their only child was daughter Isabelle Helene LeMASTERS b. August 22, 1910.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lella Edith (Lewis) LeMasters - 1920 Santa Clara Co., CA

Lella Edith (LEWIS) LeMASTERS was enumerated in the 1920 census of San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA aged 43, divorced, whose occupation was listed as a storekeeper for a stove store.

She was living in the household of William S. MORRISEY along with several other lodgers with various backgrounds and occupations.

Lella had been married to William Clifford LeMASTERS, son of Luman Walker and Mary Keziah (CHEW) LeMASTERS on August 20, 1892 in Jay Co., IN. They were the parents of four children :
Gladys, Lella, Ralph and William.

In the 1910 census the family was living in Ft. Collins, Larimer Co., CO. Lella and William must have divorced sometime between 1910-1920. More research is needed.

Lella died April 1, 1943 in Martinez, CA.

Monday, October 08, 2007

John Stevens LeMasters family - Howard Co., NE

The John Stevens LeMASTERS family was enumerated in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census of St. Paul, Howard Co., NE. John was my maternal 2nd-great granduncle, the son of Luman Walker and Nancy (YOUNG) LEMASTERS.

John' s occupation was that of a day laborer and contractor in concrete work. He also owned his own home, which was mortgaged. John's place of birth was always listed as being in Indiana. but wife Sarah was listed as being born in Illinois in the 1920 census. John's parents were both listed as being born in Ohio in the 1900 census; in the 1910 census his father was listed as being born in Virginia and his mother in Ohio; in the 1920 census his father was listed as being born in Ohio and his mother in Virginia. As always, depending on who the census taker asked the questions will determine the answer.

In the 1910 census, three of John's daughters were listed as being public school teachers : Alice C., Nancy J. and Edna I. By the 1920 census, only one daughter, Alice, aged 36, was still living with John and Sarah teaching school. In 1920, son Howard Jay was still at home but working as a laborer at a railroad roundhouse, and youngest son Edward was still in school.

I still have much more information to gather on what happened to these families after the 1920 census. Two sons, Albert and John were probably on their own by the 1920 census, and daughters Nancy & Edna may have either moved away or been married by then.

John Stevens LeMASTERS b. April 22, 1855 Jay Co., IN., d. after 1920 census, m. November 28, 1881 Jay Co., IN to Sarah I. WILSON. Sarah b. September 1859 Indiana, d. after 1920 census.

Known children of John S. & Sarah I. (WILSON) LeMASTERS :
i. Alice C. LeMASTERS b. August 1883 Nebraska
ii. Nancy J. LeMASTERS b. January 1885 Nebraska
iii. Edna I. LeMASTERS b. September 1889 Nebraska
iv. Albert C. LeMASTERS b. October 1891 Nebraska
v. John W. LeMASTERS b. September 1893 Nebraska
vi. Howard Jay LeMASTERS b. February 1897 Nebraska
vii. Edward W. LeMASTERS b. ca. 1901 Nebraska

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

John Lemaster Family - 1860 Pulaski Co., IN

John LEMASTERS and his family were enumerated in the 1860 census of Pulaski Co., IN in Van Buren Twp. on June 26, 1860 under the surname LEMASTER. John was the son of Jacob and Hannah (________) LEMASTERS and was my paternal 3rd-great granduncle.

John's occupation was that of a farmer, with the value of his real estate standing at $1000 and his personal estate at $200. John. aged 55, was erroneously listed as being born in Ohio; he was born in Mason Co., VA. Wife Mary was listed as aged 51 born in Pennsylvania.

The rest of the family consisted of sons Thomas M. and William W., aged 21 and 19, who were listed as farm laborers; daughter Mary E. aged 18, son James aged 16, daughter Nancy J. aged 14 and son Luman W. aged 12. All were listed as being born in Ohio. Luman's name was listed as Laman.

The other children of John and Mary were not enumerated on the same page and I need to do further research on this family. I believe that they migrated from Shelby Co., OH to Pulaski Co., IN shortly after the death of John's father, Jacob, in 1852.

John LEMASTERS b. September 24, 1804 Mason Co., VA., d. March 25, 1866 Starr City, Pulaski Co., IN, m. December 14, 1828 Washington Co., PA to Mary H. BAKER. Mary born July 30, 1808 Pennsylvania, died in Wayne Co., OH.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Peoples v. Stanley - Indiana Supreme Court May Term 1855

May Term, 1855 : Peoples v. Stanley

Bill in chancery under the R.S. 1843. Some of the defendants were notified of the pendency of the suit, as non-residents, by publication, and a decree was taken against them by default. No affidavit of their non-residence was made. A guardian ad litem was appointed for other defendants, who were minors, and a decree was taken against them; but it was not shown that they had any notice of the suit, by service of process or otherwise. Held, that the Court had not acquired jurisdiction of the persons of the defendants mentioned, and that the decree against them was, consequently, erroneous. A Court of equity cannot appropriate choses in action of a debtor to the payment of a demand of a creditor.

Monday, June 11. ERROR to the Marshall Circuit Court.

Davison, J. - Stanley, on the 6th of June, 1850, sued Hugh A.B. Peoples, Thomas Skilman, John Fisher, John Jones, Alvin Kite, and Orange Fisher, in chancery, in the Marshall Circuit Court.

The bill states these facts :

Peoples and Skilman, as sureties for Jones and Kite, became indebted to Stanley 600 dollars. Jones, Kite and Skilman were insolvent. Peoples, with intent to defraud Stanley, and evade the payment of said debt, which was then in judgment, placed a certain amount of money in the hands of John Fisher, and directed him to lay it out in canal land, and take the title in his, Fisher's, name. In pursuance of this arrangement, Fisher went to the land office at Logansport, and purchased a quarter-section of land in Marshall county. After this, Peoples, with his family, moved upon said land, improved it, and resided thereon until the month of March, 1850, when he and Fisher left the state, with the avowed intention of going to California. When Fisher bought the land, he obtained a certificate of purchase, which, before he started to California, he assigned to Patsey Peoples, the wife of the said Hugh Peoples, and she, the said Patsey, remained in the occupancy of the land, and also in the possession of personal property belonging to her husband, worth 500 dollars. It appeared that, within a few days after their departure for California, Patsey Peoples died, leaving William, George, Daniel, Mary and Samuel Peoples, her heirs at law, they being minors and the children of the said Hugh and Patsey. These children, by amendment of the bill, were subsequently made defendants. After the death of Patsey, the property left with her was sold by the said Orange Fisher, who, in making the sale thereof, acted without authority, and took notes for the purchase-money, payable to himself at six months. The bill alleges that Hugh A.B. Peoples and John Fisher are non-residents, and prays the appropriation of the notes in the hands of Orange Fisher, and also the above land, to the payment of Stanley's claim, and for general relief, &c.

The record shows that Peoples and John Fisher were notified by publication, and defaulted; though an affidavit of their non-residency does not appear to have been made. It is alleged that the minor defendants answered by guardian ad litem; but it is not shown that they had any notice of the suit, or that any steps, by process or otherwise, were taken to notify them of the proceeding. The other defendants, (except Orange Fisher, who answered,) were served with process, and defaulted.

The Court, upon final hearing, directed the notes taken for the sale of the personal property by Orange Fisher, (which had been brought into Court,) to be collected, and the proceeds to be applied to the payment of Stanley's claim, which was adjudged to be 596 dollars; and for the payment of the balance, if any, after the application of such proceeds, the land was ordered to be sold.

This decree, in our opinion, can not be sustained -

1. Because the notice by publication against Peoples and Fisher does not appear to have been preceded by an affidavit of non-residency. Without such affidavit, we think the notice was insufficient, and, consequently, they were not properly before the Court. A provision of the R.S. 1843, in force at the time of these proceedings, points out the mode in which a non-resident party may be notified of the pendency of a suit, and expressly requires that such notice shall be upon affidavit. R.S. 1843, p. 883.

2. It is not shown that the minor defendants were served with process, or notified of the suit in any mode known to the law. This Court has repeatedly decided that process should be served on infant defendants, in chancery, in the same manner as if they were adults. Hough v. Canby, 8 Blackf. 301 - Robbins v. Robbins, 2 Ind. R. 74.

3. A Court of chancery has no power to appropriate choses in action in payment of a creditor's demand against his debtor, whether such demand be in judgment or otherwise. This point is decided in Shaw v. Aveline, 5 Ind. R 389; and also in Stewart v. English, ante, p. 176.
Per curiam. - The decree is reversed with costs. Cause remanded, &c.
J.B. Niles and W.G. Pomeroy, for the plaintiffs.

Source : Porter, Albert G., official reporter, Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Indiana, being an official continuation of Blackford's Reports, with tables of the cases and principal matters., vol. VI - containing the cases from the fifteen day of the November term, 1854, to the end of the May term, 1855, inclusive, and the case of Beebe v. the State, decided at the November term, 1855.; Indianapolis, Indiana, Merrill & Company, Publishers, 1856

Note : This information was located using Google's Book search. Hugh A.B. Peoples was Eileen's 3-great maternal grandfather. Her line is through Hugh's son, George.