Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Carey Lambertson - Butler Co, OH & Madison Co., IN

My maternal 3rd-great grandfather, Carey W. LAMBERTSON was enumerated in the 1870 census of Butler Co., OH, and the the 1910 census of Madison Co., IN. These two census records are bookends of his adult life.

In 1870, he was living in Madison Twp., Jacksonborough P.O., and his occupation was listed as a farm laborer. He was 24 years old, and his wife Clara was 22. Carey's father, John, aged 70, born in New Jersey was also living with the household.

In 1910, he and Clara were living alone in Pipecreek Twp., near Elwood. Clara was listed as the mother of 5 children, all of whom were living in 1910. Carey's occupation was listed as laborer and junk dealer. Clara's parents were listed as being born in Virginia, Carey's as being born in New Jersey.

His name was spelled Cary in 1870 and Carey in 1910. I prefer to use the Carey spelling.

Carey W. LAMBERTSON b. April 29, 1847 Butler Co., OH., d. March 18, 1918 Elwood, Madison Co., IN., m. October 1, 1869 in Butler Co., OH to Clara E. COOK. Clara b. November 16, 1848 Ohio, d. January 23, 1943 Atlanta, Hamilton Co., IN.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bert S. Lambertson Family - Madison Co., IN

The Bert S. LAMBERTSON family was enumerated in the 1st ward of the city of Alexandria, Monroe Twp., Madison Co., IN in both the 1920 and 1930 census. In 1920 the family was living on East Monroe St., and in 1930 they were are Garfield St. Bert was my 2nd-great granduncle, the son of Carey W. and Clara E. (COOK) LAMBERTSON.

Bert's occupation was that of a carpenter and also a crewman on the electric railway. In the 1920 census he appears with wife Marie and two sons, Frank and Robert. By 1930, he was remarried to Lula McNETT, and appears only with son Robert. Also in the 1930 census was stepson Farrol McNETT and a lodger, Ralph FISHER. Ralph FISHER was Bert's nephew, the son of his sister Maud.

Bert Sigler LAMBERTSON b. August 29, 1886 Tipton Co., IN, d. June 4, 1971 Alexandria, Madison Co., IN., m. January 4, 1908 to Marie WILLIAMS; m(2) bet. 1908-1915 to Lula (________) McNETT; m(3) Susie SMITH; m(4) Leah Mae DUMONT.

Known children of Bert S. and Marie (WILLIAMS) LAMBERTSON :
i. Frank Raymond LAMBERTSON b. November 19, 1908
ii. Robert D. LAMBERTSON b. February 10, 1915

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

William F. Kirk family - Gage Co., NE & Madison Co., IN

The William F. Kirk family was enumerated in the 1900 census of Gage Co., NE and in the 1910 census of Madison Co., IN. William was married to my 2nd-great grandaunt, Mary Wright.

William's occupation in 1900 was that of a farmer, but by 1910 he was working at the paper mill in Alexandria. William was born in Indiana with his father being from Kentucky and his mother from Virginia. William and Mary had been married for 20 years in the 1900 census, and their children were born in Nebraska, so that is where I should look for them in the 1880 census.

The names of the children were spelled in various ways : sometimes going by their middle names or reversing the order (i.e., Earl J. or Jessie E.)

William Frank KIRK b. December 1855 Indiana, d. after 1910 census, m. circa. 1880 to Mary A. WRIGHT, daughter of Joseph W. and Rebecca Ann (HEATON) WRIGHT. Mary b. August 1858 Schuyler Co., MO., d. May 27, 1910 Madison Co., IN.

Known children of William Frank and Mary A. (WRIGHT) KIRK are as follows :
i. Ethel B. Kirk b. November 1880 Nebraska, d. after 1910 census
ii. Jessie Earl Kirk b. February 1884 Nebraska, d. after 1910 census
iii. Tillis Harry Kirk b. September 1893 Nebraska, d. after 1910 census

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Willard B. King family - Madison Co., IN

The Willard B. KING family was enumerated in the 1920 & 1930 census of Pipecreek Twp., Madison Co., IN. Willard was the son of Thomas J. and Eliza J. (Johnson) King.

In the 1920 census, there is a 74-year old widow, Emma SIMMONS, born in Indiana, and her son, Charles, age 28 living with the family. I do not know how they are related. In the 1930 census, Lydia O. LITTLE, Willard's mother in law, was living with the family.

Willard's occupation was that of a garage mechanic. According to the 1930 census, he married at age 23 to wife Flossie. By 1930, they had two children, Winnifred and Willard.

Willard B. KING b. ca. 1892 Indiana, d. after 1930 census, m. April 5, 1913 to Flossie F. LITTLE, daughter of ________ and Lydia O. (________) LITTLE. Flossie b. ca. 1893 Indiana, d. after 1930 census.

Known children of Willard B. and Flossie F. (LITTLE) KING are as follows :
i. Winnifred A. KING b. ca. 1915 Indiana, d. after 1930 census
ii. Willard R. KING b. ca. 1921 Indiana, d. after 1930 census

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Widow Litha King - Madison Co., IN

The widow Litha King appears in the 1920 census of Frankton, Pipe Creek Twp., Madison Co., IN, aged 62, born in Indiana. She was the widow of David King, who died November 1, 1914.

Litha Ann Trumilis D'Amsel May was born November 1856 in Indiana, the daughter of Michael and Julie (Cawthorn) May. Her parents were from Virginia, according to census records. Litha married David King, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Shaw) King on July 26, 1876 in Frankton, Madison Co., IN. Litha died September 1954 in Madison Co., IN. and is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Frankton.

Litha is listed as being enumerated on February 7th, apparently she was out of town at the time the census taker came around the first time.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

John R. King family - Monroe County, Indiana

The John R. King family was enumerated in Washington Twp. in the 1860 and 1870 census of Monroe Co., IN. John was married to my 4th-great grandaunt, Dialtha Adaline Swafford.

John was a farmer whose P.O. box was Bryant Creek in 1860 and Bloomington in 1870. The value of his real estate was $2000 in 1860 and increased to $6000 by 1870. Neither John nor Dialtha could read or write.

There is an unidentified James M. King age 25, born in Kentucky, who was residing with the family in the 1870 census. Perhaps he is a nephew.

John R. KING b. ca. 1825 Kentucky, d. after 1870 census, m. November 22, 1849 Monroe Co., IN., to Dialtha Adaline SWAFFORD, daughter of Larkin and Nancy (________) SWAFFORD. Dialtha b. ca. 1830 Tennessee, d. after 1870 census.

Known children of John R. and Dialtha Adaline (SWAFFORD) KING are as follows :
i. Nancy C. King b. ca. 1854 Indiana, d. after 1870 census
ii. Sarah F. King b. ca. 1857 Indiana, d. after 1870 census
iii. Mary A. King b. ca. 1859 Indiana, d. after 1870 census
iv. Thomas L. King b. ca. 1862 Indiana, d. after 1870 census
v. John W. King b. ca. 1869 Indiana, d. after 1870 census

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

James Alfred King family - Indiana to California

James Alfred KING appears in the census as head of household in the 1900 census in Madison Co., IN; in the 1910 census in Delaware Co., IN; and in the 1920 census in Los Angeles Co., CA. James was the son of Daniel and Elizabeth (SHAW) KING, born September 10, 1865 in Madison Co., IN.

James' occupation in the 1900 census was that of a laborer. In the 1910 census he was a dairy farmer, and by 1920 he was a moulder in a factory. The family moved to California between 1915 and the 1920 census, as his youngest daughter, Crystal, was listed as being born in Indiana.

In the 1910 census, James lists his father's place of birth as Pennsylvania and his mother's as North Carolina, neither of which seem likely based on other records. James was under 10 years old when his father passed away, so it is likely that he didn't know his father's origins.

James was married twice and had 3 children by his first marriage and 4 by his second. I have not located any records of the children of his first marriage, so they may have all died young.

James Alfred KING b. September 10, 1865 Madison Co., IN., d. June 10, 1933 California, m. October 1, 1887 Madison Co., IN to Ella Mae LOWERY; m(2) January 21, 1889 to Rosie M. DILL. Ella Mae LOWERY b. July 18, 1864 d. March 31, 1897. Rosie M. DILL b. March 28, 1881 Indiana, d. June 29, 1940 Bell, CA. Both James & Rosie are buried in Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, CA.

Known children of James Alfred and Ella Mae (LOWERY) KING are as follows :
i. Leo King b. December 29, 1890
ii. Earl King b. December 27, 1892
iii. Goldie Marie King b. March 3, 1895

Known chidren of James Alfred and Rosie M. (DILL) KING are as follows :
i. Pauline Mildred King b. May 2, 1903 Indiana, d. after 1920 census
ii. Robert Eugene King b. May 25, 1905 Indiana, d. after 1920 census
iii. Mary Martha King b. April 5, 1909 Indiana, d. after 1920 census
iv. Crystal E. King b. February 8, 1914 Indiana, d. after 1920 census

Hoy King Household - Madison Co., IN

Hoy H. King and family were enumerated in the 1920 census in the second ward of the city of Anderson in Madison Co., IN. Hoy was the son of David and Litha (May) King, and my 1st cousin 3 times removed.

Hoy's occupation was that of a laborer for a grain company. His wife, Cleo, listed no occupation. They were listed with one child, their daughter Maxine, age 5. Maxine had attended school within the past year, and all members of the family could read and write as well as speak English.

Hoy H. KING b. July 31, 1891 Madison Co., IN., d. July 19, 1970 Madison Co., IN., m. June 18, 1913 Madison Co., IN to Cleo F. COX. Cleo b. ca. 1895 Indiana.

Known children of Hoy H. and Cleo F. (COX) KING are as follows :
i. Maxine King b. September 22, 1913 Madison Co., IN, d. after 1920 census.
ii. Marbelle King b. January 30, 1923 Madison Co., IN.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Fred King Household - Madison Co., IN

Fred King and family were enumerated in the 1930 census of Orestes, Madison County, Indiana. Fred was renting his home, owned a radio and had been married for 5 years at the time of the census. He was listed with his wife, Nellie, and young son Waldo.

Fred's occupation was listed as a laborer working with general insulation, and wife Nellie was also a factory worker making auto parts. Fred was listed as not having worked on the last available working day before the census, while Nellie did. Their son Waldo's age was hard to read, but it appears to be 3 years and 11 months.

Fred KING b. March 16, 1903 Madison Co., IN, the son of Suman Douglas & Amanda Louisa (FOX) KING. Fred married circa 1935 to Nellie _______, b. ca. 1908 in Indiana.

Known children of Fred and Nellie (________) KING are as follows :
i. Waldo King b. ca. 1926 Indiana, d. after 1930 census.