Sunday, July 05, 2015

DNA : Mom's Cousin Dennis

Another recent 23andMe match that I've added to my atDNA spreadsheet was mom's cousin Dennis S., who also matched me on chromosome 2.

Dennis is predicted to be a 3rd cousin to distant cousin match, with only 0.12% DNA shared with just this one segment.

Will reach out to him to see if he has a family tree somewhere so that we can compare.  His family tree at 23andme did not include anything other than his name.

DNA: Dad's cousin Sarah

Working on following up with the recent matches at 23andMe and adding them to my atDNA spreadsheets for tracking.

Dad's DNA match with cousin Sarah is predicted to be 3rd to 6th cousin, a pretty distant match.  The percentage shared is only 0.23% on two segments.  However, Sarah and I share no DNA.

I do not see any surnames on her list that match, and she did not share a family tree to compare.  Will have to triangulate and hope that we can find a match at a later date.

Thursday, July 02, 2015


I logged into 23andMe this week and realized it had been awhile, I had over 125 new relative matches on my dad and mom's results.  Reached out to them to see if we can find the connections.

Haven't been doing much in the way of genealogy research due to work commitments and house-seeking.  We put our house on the market and have been looking for the past couple of weeks.  That is an experience.  The last time we moved was 13 years ago, and we only moved two blocks away. 

I've made this community my home for almost a third of my life and it seems weird on the one hand to leave but on the other I'm excited about the opportunities.  You have to move where the jobs are.

Hopefully, we some time off over the next few days I can post some updates.