Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Exploratory Data Analysis : Prudence (Maxson) Smith (1817-1890)

Prudence (Maxson) Smith (1817-1890) was my paternal 3rd-great grandmother.  What follows is an exploratory analysis of the biographical data I have discovered about her.

1. Vital Records

     Prudence was born June 15, 1817 in Greene County, Ohio1.

     1.1. Birth Certificate

          I have not located any birth record for Prudence, as her birth occurred before the State of Ohio was registering births.

          1.1.1. Birth Notice in Newspaper

               If Prudence's birth was recorded in a newspaper, I'm not aware of it.  Will search contemporary newspapers to see if mention was made of her birth.

          1.1.2. Bible Record

               I am not aware of any surviving Bible records of the Maxson family that mentions Prudence.  Will continue to reach out to extended family in hopes of locating one.

          1.1.3. Baptismal Record

               I am not aware of any baptismal record for Prudence, nor the church affiliation of the family at the time.  Her parents were buried in a Methodist Episcopal cemetery, so they may be affiliated with that denomination.

          1.1.4. Adoption Record

               There is no indication that Prudence was adopted.

     1.2. Marriage License

          Prudence married William P. Smith on October 5, 1836 in Clark County, Ohio2.  Other sources had the date as October 3, 18361,3,4, but the actual record states the date was the 5th.

          1.2.1 Marriage Notice in Newspaper

               I've not yet searched available newspapers of the time period to see if mention was made of William and Prudence's nuptials.  Will add this to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.

          1.2.2. Anniversary Notice

                I've not yet searched available newspapers of the time period to see if mention was made of any anniversary celebrations.  Their 25th wedding anniversary would have been October 5, 1861 and their 50th wedding anniversary would have been October 5, 1886.

          1.2.3. Divorce Decree

                Although there is no indication that they were ever divorced, a complete search of local court records would need to be conducted to be sure.

     1.3. Death Certificate

          Prudence died February 22, 1890 in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana1.  I do not have a copy of her death certificate from Jay County, Indiana.  Will add this to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.

          1.3.1. Obituary in Newspaper

               I have not yet located an obituary mention for Prudence.  Will continue to search available newspapers to see if one exists.

          1.3.2. Funeral Home Records

               I will need to search the local historical society to see if they have any mention of funeral home records that might mention Prudence.

          1.3.3. Tombstone Photograph

               Prudence's tombstone in the Salamonia Cemetery in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana has been photographed5.  A link to her memorial page at FindAGrave is located here.

2. Census Records

     2.1. Federal Census Records

          2.1.1. 1880 Federal Census

               On June 11, 1880, Prudence was enumerated in the William Smith household in Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska6, as Prudence Smith, wife, age 62, born in Ohio.  Both her parents were born in New Jersey.

          2.1.2. 1870 Federal Census

               On August 22, 1870, Prudence was enumerated in the William Smith household in Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska7, as Prudence Smith, age 54, born in Ohio.

          2.1.3. 1860 Federal Census

                On June 9, 1860, Prudence was enumerated in the William Smith household in Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana8, as Prudence Smith, age 43, born in Ohio.

          2.1.4. 1850 Federal Census

               On August 21, 1850, Prudence was enumerated in the William Smith household in Jefferson Township, Cass County, Michigan9, as Prudence Smith, age 34, born in Ohio.

     2.2. State Census Records

          No census records for the State of Ohio are known to exist.

          The State of Indiana conducted census in 1853, 1857, 1871, 1877, 1883, 1889, 1901, 1913, 1919 and 1931.  These, however, were merely for the purposes of legislative apportionment.

     2.3. Agricultural Census Records

          I have not yet investigated these types of records to see what light they might shed on the Smith family.

3. Military Records

     3.1. Draft Registration

          Not applicable, as Prudence was female.

     3.2. Pension Records

           Prudence's husband did serve during the Civil War.  She died before him, so there wouldn't be a widow's pension, but I need to research his pension nonetheless.

     3.3. Service Records

           Not applicable, as Prudence was female.

4. Land Records

     4.1. Deed Records

          Deed records need to be thoroughly searched in Clark County, Ohio; Cass County, Michigan; Jay County, Indiana and Richardson County, Nebraska to see what records might mention Prudence.  Will add this to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.

     4.2. Plat map / county map

          Plat maps of Clark County, Ohio; Cass County, Michigan; Jay County, Indiana and Richardson County, Nebraska will need to be searched to see what information can be gleaned that might be relevant to my search.

5. Supplemental Records

     Supplemental records to search for Prudence include city/county directories, court records and will and probate records.  Will add these to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.


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This post was developed as part of the series relating to Building My 2011 Research Template, an attempt to systematically document and source the details of my ancestors' lives. Comments regarding this template and the conclusions drawn in this article are welcomed.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Irvin Arthur household, 1940, Greene County, Indiana

Located the 1940 census record of the Irvin Arthur household in Greene County, Indiana.  Irvin was my maternal 3rd cousin 4 times removed.  Our common ancestors are Alexander Crockett and Elizabeth Watkins.  Irvin's parents were William Riley Arthur and Ida Mae Casner.

1940 U.S. Census, Greene County, Indiana, population schedule, Worthington, enumeration district (ED) 28-11, SD 7, sheet 2B, household 59, ; digital images, Ancestry.com (www.ancestry.com : accessed 7 January 2017); National Archives, Washington, D.C..
At the time of the enumeration, Irvin and his wife were living in the town of Worthington.  The census states that Irvin was renting his home for $8 per month and that it was not a farm.  Irvin was 54 years old and born in Indiana.  His wife, Florence E., was 48 years old and also born in Indiana.  In 1935, their residence was the same place.

The record shows that Irvin had completed the 6th grade and that Florence had completed the 8th grade.  Irvin's occupation was listed as manager of a gas filling station and Florence's occupation was listed as a matron of a library.

Also living in the household were son Wayne, age 28, born in Indiana, a laborer on the railroad; Kenneth, age 25, born in Indiana, who had completed 3 years of high school; Bernard, age 14, born in Indiana who had completed 7th grade; Leonard, age 13, born in Indiana who had completed 5th grade.

If you have any additional information or are connected to this family, I'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

He Even Took Money From His Mother

Located another article about James Orcutt, widower of my paternal 2nd grandaunt, Samantha Metzner.  She had died in 1890, and it appears that within a few years, James was in some financial difficulty.

Goshen Daily News, March 20, 1893, page 2

Left Many Debts Behind
PORTLAND, IND.  March 20 - James Orcutt, the time buyer, who left here about ten days ago, has turned out to be a heavy defaulter.  The following persons were beaten by him: John Ebert, $200; Fred Bimel, $250; D. L. Adams & Co., $104; Creamery Package Manufacturin company, $200; Shannon Rhoades, $900; William Humphrey, $300; Leonard Frank, $100; Mrs. Orcutt, his mother, $7000; Fred Axe, $100.  The People's bank also hold $500 of his paper with other people as security.  Orcutt was looked upon as perfectly reliable and honest. 

 I still need to research the court cases involved here in Jay County when I make another research trip.  This article was along the same lines as my previous post.

Later articles indicate that James was arrested and charged with embezzlement.  James was the grandfather of my black sheep relative, Harry Pierpont