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Township List Voting Places

Anderson Herald, Anderson, Indiana, October 31, 1954, p. 12
My maternal great-grandmother, Mrs. Virgil (Edna Muriel) WRIGHT, was listed as Precinct Four election judge in Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana.  The location of the voting place was Orestes City Hall.

Her brother, Cloyd PIERCE's residence, was listed as the site of Precinct Five voting.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Metzner Family, Noble Township, Jay County, Indiana (1907)

Source: Complete Directory of Jay County, M. & M. Directory Co., Portland, Ind., p. 
These listings of the METZNER family in Noble Township, Jay County, Indiana appear to be for close relatives.

I believe that the Elizabeth METZNER was the widow of George W. METZNER, who died May 16, 1875.  George was the son of John and Catherine (YOUNG) METZNER.

The Wesley METZNER, with wife Nora, living in section 6, was Wesley F. METZNER, son of John Adam and Clara (MOULTON) METZNER.  He and Elnora M. AXE were married October 20, 1898 in Jay County, Indiana.

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Black Sheep Sunday: Robbery Suspects Arrested

Source: Wabash Plain Dealer, Wabash, Indiana, April 2, 1915


Two men and women nabbed in Detroit may solve both Laketon and Kokomo thefts

     There is every reason to believe that the bandits who robbed the Laketon bank have been captured.  A United Press dispatch this afternoon told of the capturing in Detroit of two men and a woman who were identified with the robbery of the Kokomo bank, and Sheriff Summerland with other officials who have been on the job are fairly well convinced that the same men that visited at Kokomo also robbed the Laketon institution.
     A United Press dispatch received by the Plain Dealer this afternoon stated that private detectives today arrested Louise Brummer, 22, Fort Wayne, with Frank Mason, 24, alias Harry Pierpont, and Thadius Skeer, 23, in connection with the robbery last week of a Kokomo bank.
     When taken Mason had $850 on his person.
     These are the names that local officials got at Kokomo on a recent trip there in connection with the Laketon robbery investigation since they were strongly of the opinion that they were after the same group because the robberies were so much alike. 

Same Methods

     “They took exactly the same methods at Laketon as they did at Kokomo,” said Sheriff Summerland.  “They went in unmasked, proceeded the same way in the actual robbing and took pennies, dimes and quarters just as they did at Laketon.”


     Sheriff Summerland and E.L. Bright, cashier of the Laketon bank, are to join the Kokomo bankers and officials on the 4:50 train to Detroit this afternoon to try to identify the men.
     Kokomo is of the opinion that the same men are connected with the Laketon job, according to Sheriff Summerland who telephoned this afternoon to Kokomo.
     Bright, the Laketon man, and the Kokomo bank officials are the ones who will identify the bandits since they are the only ones who got a really good look at them.

Story of Capture

     Mr. Summerland was in the police offices at Kokomo when the officials there got on the trail of the woman and two men.  The clue began when Detective Pappert at Fort Wayne telephoned to the Kokomo officials, saying that he had a tip that the woman, Louise Brummer, had left Fort Wayne on a certain train, saying that she was going to meet her friend, Thadius Skeer, who was in trouble.
     A Pinkerton detective was in the Kokomo office when the message came in and he at once telephoned to his headquarters in Indianapolis asking if he might trail her.  Permission was given and the man from Kokomo started.  He got into communication with a Pinkerton man at Detroit and the latter got on the train out of the city.  A note to the conductor was a means of identifying the Brummer woman for the Detroit detective and when she alighted at the Detroit station both men trailed her.

Get All Three of Them

     In the apartment at Detroit, to which she went they found her and the two men.  They were arrested and are held on a charge of robbery.
     The man Pierpoint is said to have been the leader of the gang that robbed the Marion bank and he was the only one that was not captured.  There were seven of them in all and every man said that Pierpoint was their leader.  Sheriff Summerland has a picture of Pierpoint and got information regarding him at Kokomo.
     “Kokomo officials will go to Detroit at once to get the bandits,” said Sheriff Summerland.  “As soon ass they bring them there we will go over at once and see whether we can connect them up with the Laketon robbery.  If so we will get them when Kokomo gets through, but that may be ten years.”

This article details capture of Harry PIERPONT (1902-1934) and his gang who robbed banks in Indiana during the 1924-25 period.  Harry later rose to fame as part of the Dillinger "Terror Gang".  He was suspected in the robbery of the Laketon bank.

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Surname Saturday : Maternal Line Recap

This post is a recap of Surname Saturday posts of my maternal lines.  Taking a six-generation view of my pedigree chart, these are the families that would be in my maternal line:

  • WRIGHT Madison County, IN>Brown County, OH>Pennsylvania>Middlesex Co, MA>SCT
  • HEATON Brown County, OH>Loudon County, VA>Massachusetts
  • KING Madison County, IN>Ohio>North Carolina
  • SHAW Madison County, IN>Pennsylvania
  • PIERCE Madison County, IN>Wayne County, IN>Vermont>Worchester County, MA>Middlesex County, MA>ENG
  • GROENENDYKE Fayette County, IN>Middlesex County, NJ>New Amsterdam
  • PENISTEN Madison County, IN>Pike County, OH>New Jersey
  • ALDERMAN Madison County, IN>August County, VA
  • LAMBERTSON Madison County, IN>Hamilton County, IN>Preble County, OH>Butler County, OH>Warren County, NJ
  • COOK Butler County, OH
  • BEALS Hamilton County, IN>Clinton County, OH>Jefferson County, TN>Guilford County, NC>Chester County, PA>ENG
  • POE Morgan County, IN>Chatham County, NC
  • (unknown)
  • (unknown)
  • DAVIS Owen County, IN>Monroe County, IN
  • SWAFFORD Monroe County, IN>Mississippi>Greenville County, SC>IRE

Surname Saturday – create a post in which you discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research. Surname Saturday is an ongoing series atGeneaBloggers.

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Candidate for Township Advisory Board

Anderson Herald, Anderson, Indiana, October 27, 1954, page 13

Virgil WRIGHT, my maternal great-grandfather, was a candidate for the general election in 1954 for the job of Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana Advisory Board.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

FindAGrave Success: Elvin Cooper LeMaster (1912-2000)

Thanks to a FindAGrave contributor, I know have a photograph of the tombstone of my paternal great-uncle, Elvin Cooper LeMaster (1912-2000) from the Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens in Columbus, Ohio.  His obituary from the Portland Commercial-Review was previously posted here.

Elvin was the youngest of the children of Luman Cooper and Barbara Isabel (WEHRLY) LeMASTER, born July 9, 1912 in Jay County, Indiana.  He married Cleo Belle HANKS in 1933 and they had 4 children.

Thanksgiving Day Souvenir

This postcard was sent to my paternal great-aunt Vera Haley, by her future husband, Clarence Stuber.  The postmark is hard to read, but likely from Spencerville, Ohio.  

Nov. 26, 1912

Dear friend how are you?  I am feeling fine.  this has been rather cold.  Carry moved in from the summer kitchen today.  I expect you are expecting to have a roast for Thanksgiving.  The folks are all coming out to the farm Thursday.

I remain as ever.


Miss Vera Haley
Portland Ind
R.F.D. 9

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Guess How Many Peanuts

Betty (Lanning) LeMaster & Doug Davies, September 2011

Thanksgiving Joys

Mrs. Clarence Stuber
Spencerville, Ohio
R.R. # 4

Well I expect when this gets to your place you will have the cake baked.  don't bring anything more.  Just yourselfs.  Think Nora will be here.


This postcard, postmarked Portland, Indiana, November 25, 1930, was sent to my paternal great-aunt, Vera (Haley) Stuber, by her mother, Cora (Metzner) Haley.

The Nora mentioned was Vera's sister.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Greetings

Clarence Stuber
Portland, Ind.

I wish you a happy Thanksgving

From your friend

Eva Jeter

This postcard, postmarked Portland, Indiana, November 25, 1910, was sent to my paternal great-uncle, Clarence Stuber.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pierpont Family in Indianapolis, 1919

Polk's 1919 City Directory, Indianapolis, Indiana

Continuing my research into the PIERPONT family in Indianapolis, the 1919 Polk's Directory at listed the following PIERPONTS [h=house, b=boarder].  I have been hoping to find out more about the early days of Harry Pierpont.

Pierpont Clarence M mach h1150 Spruce
Pierpont Cora F clk CCC&StLRy r1150 Spruce
Pierpont Edw L lab h1462 S Harding
Pierpont Ezra M mach h206 N Chester av
Pierpont Fern M bkpr Fidelity Trust Co r54th and Keystone av
Pierpont Frank (USA) r1742 W Morris
Pierpont Jno E (USA) r1742 W Morris
Pierpont Jno T woodwkr r1742 W Morris
Pierpont Macel lndrs r967 King av
Pierpont Wm E mech h967 King av
Pierpont Wm R finisher h2812 Schofield av

Harry's  sister Fern is working as a bookkeeper for Fidelity Trust Co., same as she was in the 1918 directory.  In that directory, her residence was 1107 Blaine.

The unidentified Clarence PIERPONT appears to have moved between 1918-1919, in the 1918 directory he was living at 1819 Southeastern avenue.  The Cora listed at the same address as Clarence could be his wife.

The Edward L. PIERPONT may be the same as the one found in earlier directories, who I believe was the son of John T. and Hester PIERPONT.   In the 1918 directory, he was living at 1747 Blain avenue.  Edward was a younger brother of Harry's father, Joseph Gilbert.

The Ezra M PIERPONT, the machinst, is I believe the brother of Edward L, also another son of John T. and Hester PIERPONT.  In the 1918 directory, he was living at 1036 Blain avenue.

The Frank and John E PIERPONT, listed as serving in the U.S. Army, are the sons of John T. and Hester PIERPONT.

The John T. PIERPONT, woodworker, is the patriarch of most of the Indianapolis Pierpont families.  He is living at the same household he was living in the 1918 directory.

The remaining Pierponts are unidentified into this family group at this time.

The listing for the 1918 directory can be found here.

Again, where was Harry's father, Joseph Gilbert and the rest of the family living at this time?  Why are they found in the 1920 census in Indianapolis, but not in any directories between 1912-1920 period?

Greeting For Thanksgiving

Miss Vera Haley
Portland Ind.
R.F.D. 9

Dear Friend -

How are you? I am feeling fine.  I had Rosa to phone to Wm. Haley to see how Ruth was and I was pleased to hear she was improved.   I wish you a merry Thanksgiving.

I remain,


This postcard, postmarked Fort Recovery, Ohio, November 23, 1911, was sent to my paternal great-aunt, Vera Haley, by her future husband, Clarence Stuber.

The Ruth mentioned was Vera's younger sister (and my grandmother), only 6 months old at the time.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Sheep Sunday: Saws Are Found In Cells Of Alleged Bandits At Kokomo

Source: Marion Leader-Tribune, Marion, Indiana, April 7, 1925, p. 1.


Kokomo, Ind., April 6. - Escape of Harry Pierpont and Thaddeus Skeer, charged with bank banditry in connection with the South Kokomo bank robbery, is believed to have been frustrated this afternoon when search was made of their cells at the Howard county jail where they are being confined.

Bar Partially Severed.

Ten saws, of which four had been used, were found concealed in the jail, and a bar was found partially severed.  The prisoners had been held but two days before the alleged plot to escape was discovered.

Prosecuting Attorney Homer H. Miller has ordered an investigation of the escape attempt.  Sheriff Joseph M. Lindley asserts that no visitors have been allowed in the cell house.  A heavy guard is being maintained at the jail, day and night, by local authorities, who fear friends may attempt a delivery.

Miss Louise Brunner of Ft. Wayne, who is held as a witness, was released under bond tonight and allowed to return with her mother.  Skeer and Pierpont were taken into city court today ad the date fore their preliminary hearing set for Thursday.  Attorneys have been engaged to fight the charges against the prisoners.

Pierpont's parents arrived in Kokomo yesterday.  Pierpont's attorneys do not yet admit his name is any other than Frank mason, the name he gave in Detroit.

E.L. Bright, cashier of the Laketon State Bank, which was robbed Monday of $1,968, and Violet Odgen, assistant cashier, saw Skeer, Pierpont and Hayes in Detroit, but were unable to identify them as the Laketon bandits.

A hardware dealer from Lebanon, who sought to identify the suspects as bandits who held him up several weeks ago and took a number of pistols and firearms, was unable to identify them yesterday.

Fort Wayne police, investigating the activities of "Ted" Skeer, Pierpont and "Whitey" Hayes, have strong evidence that the trio was involved in the holdup of the A & P store there March 21, according to Associated Press dispatches from that city.

This article is another in a series of follow-up stories to the robberies of the South Kokomo State Bank by a group of robbers, led by my paternal cousin, Harry PIERPONT (1902-1934).  Harry later became famous as a member of the "Terror Gang" with John Dillinger.  These earlier robberies terrorized Indiana during 1924-25.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Surname Saturday : Paternal Lines Recap

This post is a recap of Surname Saturday posts of my paternal lines.  Taking a six-generation view of my pedigree chart, these are the families that would be in my paternal line:

  • LEMASTERS Jay County, IN>Shelby County, OH>Mason County, VA>Charles County, MD>St. Mary's County, MD
  • YOUNG Pickaway County, OH>Shelby County, OH>Berkeley County, VA>Germany
  • CHEW Burlington County, NJ>Gloucester County, NJ>Flushing, NY>ENG
  • WOOLSTON Burlington County, NJ>ENG
  • WEHRLY Jay County, IN>Preble County, OH>York County, PA
  • PETRY York County, PA>GER
  • SMITH Cass County, MI>Clark County, OH>New Jersey
  • MAXSON Green County, OH>Monmouth County, NJ>Westerly, RI>ENG
  • HALEY Jay County, IN>Erie County, OH>Fairfield County, OH>SWITZ
  • GARY Fairfield County, OH
  • SHERRICK Ashland County, OH>York County, PA>Lancaster County, PA>SWITZ
  • JACOBS York County, PA>Lancaster County, PA
  • METZNER Jay County, IN>Licking County, OH>GER
  • YOUNG Jay County, IN>FRANCE
  • MOULTON Licking County, OH>Rutland County, VT>Hartford County, CT
  • PHILBRICK Licking County, OH>Massachusetts>Hillsborough County, NH

Surname Saturday – create a post in which you discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research. Surname Saturday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

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Family Recipe Friday: Thanksgiving Memories and Recipes

[Mom's guest post:]

As I go dig out  my recipes for Thanksgiving, I can't help but remember the dinners my mom would prepare.  I would help her by setting the table with a cloth tablecloth and napkins.   She always made it a special occasion even if it were just the four of us.    Of course we always had the usual turkey and giblet gravy, mashed potatoes, chicken and noodles, green beans, and corn.   Mom also had candied sweet potatoes that she would put marshmallows on the top.   I remember her making the syrup on the stove and making sure she got it just right.  Unfortunately, no one in our family today eats them like we did when I was young. 

She loved to make fan tan rolls from her Parker house roll recipe.   I'd watch her  knead the dough and let it rise on the floor registers.   She would then roll it out and cut it into about 6-8 strips, stack them and then cut into 12 pieces and put them in muffin tins.  There is nothing quite a good as the smell of yeast rolls baking.   Our family would peel of the layers (fan) of the rolls and add butter to each piece and savor the taste.   Of course we didn't worry about calories or cholesterol.

We always had two kinds dressing for Thanksgiving.  Mom would make regular bread dressing for us and oyster dressing for dad.    I always think of him when I make oyster dressing at Thanksgiving.   One year, dad picked out the whole oysters and mom got upset so the next year, she cut them up so he couldn't pick them out.  Mom would always make cranberry salad which I still make today.   I'm the only one who eats but it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it.   She always had pumpkin pie made from the Carnation recipe and pecan pie.  

Fan Tan Rolls

Bonnie Wright always made these as "fan tan"rolls for Thanksgiving.  We loved to peel away each layer and add lots of butter.

    1 cup milk                                                     
    1 tablespoon salt                                              
    1 cup lukewarm water                                           
    1 package yeast                                                
    6 tablespoons melted vegetable shortening                      
    5 tablespoons sugar                                            
    6 cups flour                         
Scald milk, add sugar and salt; cool to lukewarm.  Dissolve yeast in water and add to lukewarm milk.  Add 3 cups flour and beat until perfectly smooth.  Add melted shortening and remaining flour.  Knead well.  Place in greased bowl.  Cover and set in warm place.  Let rise until double in built, about 1 1/2 hours.  Roll out into rectangle sheet and 1/8 inch thick.  Brush with melted butter and cut into strips 1 1/2 in wide.  Pile 7 strips together and cut into pieces 1 inch wide.  Place inch side up in greased muffin pans.  Cover and let rise about 1 hour.  Bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

Cranberry-Apple Salad

I always make this for Thanksgiving even though I'm the only one who likes cranberries.   It is the recipe that mom used.   Afterwards, I freeze it in individual dishes for a quick dessert.

    2 cups cranberries                                             
    2 oranges, peeled                                              
    2 apples, cored and seeded                                     
    1 cup chopped celery                                           
    1 3-ounce box lemon jello  or cranberry jello                  
    1 cup boiling water                                            
    1 cup sugar                                                    
    1/2 cup walnuts                                                
Chop cranberries, apples and oranges with a food chopper or grinder.  Add sugar, nuts and celery.   Combine jello and hot water and add to fruit mixture.  Chill until set.   (It will be a soft set)

Oyster Dressing

I couldn't find mother's recipe but this is as close as to the one she used.  I usually cut it in half since only my husband and I eat it.

 1 pint oysters, drained; reserve liquid                        
    1 medium onions, chopped                                       
    2 stalks celery, chopped                                       
    6 tablespoons butter                                           
    8 slices stale bread, cubed into 1/2 inch pieces               
    1/2 teaspoon thyme                                             
    1/4 teaspoon sage                                              
    2 tablespoons lemon juice                                      
    Salt and peper                 
Saute onion and celery in butter until soft, about 3-5 minutes.   Add bread cubes and saute until browned, about 7 minutes.   Remove from heat and add herbs and oysters that have been sprinkled with lemon juice.   Fold in gently, adding some of the reserved oyster liquid for a more moist stuffing.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  

Bake in a greased 1-quart casserole dish at 350 for 25 minutes.   Makes 4 cups.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

William Clifford LeMaster and Lella Edith Lewis

Located a genealogy online that contained some information on the LeMaster and Lewis families that may be of use to those researching this line. The book was located online here.  The following was found on page 207:

Leela Edith Lewis, daughter of Morgan B. and Hattie (Hoover) Lewis, 
was born April 9, 1876, near West Grove, Penn Township, Jay County, Indiana. 
William Clifford LeMaster, son of Luman Walker and Mary K. (Chew) 
LeMaster, was born September i, 1870, at Rose Hill, Darke County, Ohio. 
Leela E. Lewis and William C. LeMaster were united in marriage Aug- 
ust 20, 1892, in Penn Township, Jay County, Indiana. 
Name Birth Death 
Gladys Armoral LeMaster October 20, 1893 
Leela Lewis LeMaster March 20, 1897 
Gladys A. was born in Jay County, Indiana, and Leela at Elyria, Loraine 
County, Ohio. 
A short time after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. LeMaster moved to 
Elyria, Loraine County, Ohio, where Mr. LeMaster accepted a position in the 
Old Savings Deposit Bank, which office he held until 1901, when he resigned 
and became cashier for the Elyria Savings and Banking Company. 
Mrs. LeMaster is a graduate from the common schools of Penn Town- 
ship. She is a member of the First Congregational Church, of Elyria, Ohio. 
Mr. LeMaster is of French and English descent. His father comes of a 
Methodist family of French descent, from Loraine, France. The name was 
originally LeMaitre. His mother was from New Jersey and is of English 
descent. After a common school education Mr. LeMaster attended the Normal 
College at Portland, Indiana, two terms, after which he taught in the public 
schools of Madison Township. Jay County, Indiana, one year. He then went 
to Oberlin, Ohio, where he graduated from the business college, January, 1892.

William Clifford LeMaster was my paternal great-uncle, son of Luman Walker LeMasters and Mary Keziah Chew.  He married Lella Edith Lewis, daughter of Morgan B. Lewis and Hattie Hoover August 20, 1892 in Jay County, Indiana.  I have enjoyed tracing his life journey from Elyria, Ohio to Colorado where he died July 26, 1922.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FindAGrave Success: Rev. Nathaniel Chew (1786-1866)

Thanks to FindAGrave volunteer, Natalie Herdman, I now have a photograph of the tombstone of my paternal 4x great-grandfather, Rev. Nathaniel Chew (1786-1866).  The memorial erroroneously states he died in 1868.

Nathaniel was the son of Nathaniel CHEW and Sarah SPRINGER, and was born in Gloucester County, New Jersey. He was a Methodist preacher, or circuit rider.  He died January 24, 1866 in Mahaska County, Iowa.

Nathaniel was married three times.  The first time circa 1805 to Keziah DRIVER; the second circa 1812 to Mary WEST (1795-1848); and thirdly December 10, 1848 in Iowa to Nancy MOSIER.  Have much to research in regards to his marriages, I descend through his wife Mary West.

Monday, November 14, 2011

King School House - Madison County, Indiana

This undated article regarding one room school houses in Madison County, Indiana features a picture of the King school house, which was located at the corner of 350 W and 900 N.  I do not have the date of this article, nor information about what publication it was from.

Sadly, I don't know anything about this school house either.  There were King relatives who lived in this area, and I wonder if the school was named for them.  Most likely candidate would be George Washington King (1823-1892).  On my next visit to the Madison County Historical Society I will try to see what records I can locate.

If any readers know anything about this school, please let me know.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Black Sheep Sunday: Did Not See Bank Bandit

Source: Marion Leader-Tribune, April 3, 1925, p. 7


But Deputies Did Make Kokomo Trip

Deputy Sheriffs John Schell and Woody Smith, who were at Kokomo yesterday on business, denied that they had met Harry Pierpont, arrested at Detroit, in connection with the robbing of the South Kokomo bank March 27, and wanted here for taking part in the robbing of the South Marion and Upland banks, and identified the man as Pierpont, as was stated yesterday.  The local officers went to Kokomo on other business with the Kokomo police department and did not see the alleged bank robbers, which were brought back from Detroit.

The Kokomo police in their investigation yesterday learned that Pierpont took part in the attempted robbery of of a Noblesville bank last fall, as well as having taken part in the Grant county bank robberies.

Roscoe C. "Whitey" Hayes, arrested at Detroit, as a suspect, who last fall was a member of the Pete Sullivan orchestra, was not one of the Kokomo bank robbers, in the opinion of the police.  Thaddeus Skeer of Fort Wayne, the other bandit, under arrest, has told the police at Kokomo that Hayes does not know anything about the Kokomo robbery.  Hayes was arrested after A.F. Gorton, cashier of the Kokomo bank had picked Hayes out of a photograph of fifty men of Company G, 152nd infantry, of which Hayes was a member, as the bandit who stood in the doorway of the bank while the robbery took place.

Pierpont, Skeer and Miss Louise Brunner of Fort Wayne, who is being held as a witness, were brought back to Kokomo yesterday morning under a guard of eleven armed men.  They came by train to Peru and from Peru the trip to Kokomo was made by automobiles.  The route taken and time of their arrival at Kokomo was kept carefully guarded until the party arrived at the Kokomo jail.

This article is another in a series of follow-up stories to the robberies of the South Kokomo State Bank by a group of robbers, led by my paternal cousin, Harry PIERPONT (1902-1934).  Harry later became famous as a member of the "Terror Gang" with John Dillinger.  These earlier robberies terrorized Indiana during 1924-25.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Salamonia Man Killed

Source: Commercial-Review, Portland, Indiana, February 28, 1974, page 1.

3rd ’74 traffic fatality

Salamonia man killed

Jay County recorded its second traffic fatality within the past two weeks, and its third of the year, when a 24-year-old Salamonia resident, Larry LeMaster, was killed in a crushing one-car accident on County Road 130 early this afternoon.

According to Jay County Sherriff Harold Loy, who’s heading the investigation, he was notified of the accident at 7:50 a.m.  He said LeMaster was found dead in the back seat of his late-model auto.

Loy said it appeared to him LeMaster, who was a Ball State University senior, had been dead for “approximately three to four hours” before police were notified.  He said the accident happened 2 ¼ miles east of the Lower Salamonie Church.

The LeMaster auto, said Loy, was located in a ditch next to a large tree, which had apparently been struck head on.  He said the force of the impact sent the driver against the windshield and then back into the backseat.  The vehicle was considered a total loss.

Loy said death may have been instantaneous, but a coroner’s examination was delayed until after noon because Jay County Coroner, Dr. James Fitzpatrick, is out of the state, and Deputy Coroner, Dr. R.E. Schenck, was in surgery.

No details of the report have been released at this time, although LeMaster’s body was taken to the Baird-Freeman Funeral Home in Portland, where it was to be examined.  LeMaster was to be transferred to the Williamson & Spencer Funeral Home, which is handling funeral arrangements.

Assisting Loy on the accident investigation are Jay County Police Captain George Meehan, and First Lt. Jerry Bell; Police Reserves: Gerald Jellison, Charles Frasher, and Floyd Life; and Indiana State Police Trooper, Walter Boguske.

Born June 8, 1949 in Portland, LeMaster, the son of John L. LeMaster Jr. and Helen (Pease) LeMaster.  On Aug. 31, 1968, he was married to Jean Shreeve.  A member of the Indiana National Guard, LeMaster belonged to the Salamonia Christian Church.  He was also a member of the Independent Order of Foresters.

Surviving besides his wife are one daughter, Lisa, and two sons, Dean and Shane, all at home; his mother, Mrs. Helen LeMaster, RR 6, Portland; four brothers, Leland LeMaster, RR 6, Portland; Terry LeMaster, RR 2, Winchester; Douglas LeMaster, Salamonia, and his twin, Gary LeMaster, Warsaw; one sister, Mrs. William (Kay) Addington, RR 6, Portland, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John L. LeMaster Sr., Salamonia.

Funeral services are set for Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at the Williamson & Spencer Funeral Home with Paul Albertson, Port Jefferson, Ohio, officiating.  Burial will follow in the Salamonia Cemetery.

Callers will be received at the funeral home after 3 p.m. Friday.

Planting Cousin Bait

I’ve been planning out some post-dated blog posts for the upcoming New Year, planting cousin bait.  The posts are set up to be published each day, giving details regarding relatives in my family tree database, such as who was born, married or died on a particular day.

My hope is that by getting these small posts out there each day, others who are searching for these individuals will find my blog through the search engines.   In return, perhaps I will meet some new cousins and gain even more information about the family.

In doing so, I’ve discovered that for way too many individuals, I only have dates of birth, etc. and not places.  This is something I need to work on going forward.  Better documentation will help clear up unresolved family mysteries.

The first of these posts is set to start out January 1.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

FindAGrave Success: John Lawrence Metzner (1877-1898)

Thanks to a FindAGrave volunteer, Lulabell, who took the picture of the John Lawrence METZNER (1877-1898) tombstone in the Green Park Cemetery, Portland, Indiana.  

John Lawrence was the son of William H. and Angeline (MEAD) METZNER.  He was born October 18, either in 1877 or 1878, depending on the source.  His obituary states 1877, but Williamson & Spencer Funeral home record book stated 1878 (could have been typo).  

 Jane Ann Spencer, Williamson & Spencer Funeral Homes, Inc. Portland and Pennville, Indiana Burial Records Book One 1892-1899 (Portland, Indiana, USA: Williamson & Spencer Funeral Homes, Inc., 2008)
J. L. Metzner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Metzner, was born October 18, 1877; died at the home of his parents, in South Portland, August 30, 1898, aged 20 years, 10 months and 12 days.  Funeral services will be held this afternoon at the First Christian Church by Rev. Stovenour.  Interment at Green Park Cemetery.

J. Lawrence, son of William H. and Angeline Metzner, was born in Portland, Indiana, October 18, 1878 and died at the home of his parents 247 Shanks Street, South Portland August 30th, 1898, aged 20 years, 10 months and 12 days.

Thus death has again entered a family circle and claimed an only son and brother, leaving empty hearts and an empty home.  Lawrence was industrious and obliging and greatly loved by his many friends.  He was patient and hopeful during his long illness and was never known to murmur or complain and with his mother, who was his daily companion, he had many long talks on the life beyond.  For several weeks before the end came he gave up all hope of recovery.  Although he had gone on before they have one lasting comfort and blessing, even in this sad dark hour when they remember he said, "All is well with my soul."  They may not see his well known form nor hear the welcome footsteps through the home is empty and hearts bowed in grief, yet they know he is not dead, but sleeping, and where he is they may go also, because the Lord has said, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."

Funeral services at the First Christian Church, at 3 o'clock, Friday, September 2nd, conducted by Rev. Fred Stovenour.  Interment at Green Park Cemetery.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

FindAGrave Success: Hannah Lemasters (1778-1849)

Belated thank-you to FindAGrave volunteer, Kenny LeMaster (no known relation), who located the gravesite of my paternal fourth great-grandmother, Hannah (________) LEMASTERS (1778-1849), wife of Jacob LEMASTERS.

Hannah and Jacob are buried in the Roberts Cemetery in Shelby Couny, Ohio, near Port Jefferson.  The cemetery is on private property, nearly inaccessible.  Several FindAGrave volunteers in the past have reported that they were unable to obtain access to this cemetery.

Kenny remembered seeing the gravesite when hunting, and contacted me.  He was very gracious to offer to locate it again and photograph.  

The book Memorial Records of Shelby County, Ohio 1819-1875 note her death date as June 16, 1849.  

The Candidate

Cast a vote for myself today - that was a new experience.

I'm one of six names on the ballot for five at-large seats on the Sweetser Town Council.  I've already been serving on the council since March, when I was appointed to complete the term of a member who resigned.  That started a season of turnover in town government, as right after I was appointed, another board member moved out of town and had to resign.  Then, the Clerk-Treasurer moved out of town and resigned.  A fellow board member took that spot, so that created yet another opening.  Basically, we've had full turnover this year without even having an election.  Today we have the opportunity to complete the process.

One of the names still on the ballot is a council member who resigned due to his job commitment.  It was too late to remove his name from the ballot.  If he's elected, it would make for an interesting story in the paper, as he would have to decide if he wants to keep the seat or resign again.

Our town has some big issues to deal with over the next few years - including building our own sewage treatment plant.  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to be able to see that project to completion.

There's an old adage that says if you want to find out about your family tree, run for office, so your opponents will dig up all of the skeletons.  I pretty much already know where all of them are buried, and if your read this blog, you do too.

[Update: I made the cut, election results are posted here.]

Monday, November 07, 2011

Two Candidates Aided By Late Returns

Anderson Herald, November 9, 1978, page 1.

This newspaper clipping from 1978 details the election victory of my maternal great aunt, Martha (PHILLIPS) LAMBERTSON as the Madison County, Indiana Recorder.  Her victory was considered an upset, according to the paper.

Martha was elected to her first term in 1978, and re-elected in 1982.  She was a Republican, though her husband, Harold, was a lifelong Democrat.

Transcript from flyer:

Martha Lambertson is completing her first term as Madison County Recorder.  She was elected to this post in 1978 after serving many years both in and out of government service.  Martha prepared for the job of Recorder by working 16 years (7 years as office manager) of the Elwood Water Company.  She also served over two years as a Deputy Clerk of Madison County and 2 additional years as Office Maintenance Manager of the State Highway Office in Anderson.

Since being elected Recorder in 1978 Martha and her staff have improved the efficiency of the office.  Intensified training of each deputy and improved procedures have resulted in the best possible services to Madison County residents.  Constantly striving to improve the office, Martha attends yearly State Board of Accounts Training Seminars on new laws as well as an annual educational workshop scheduled the Indiana Association of Counties and Cities.  Martha has also been active in the State Recorders Association.

A life-long resident of Elwood and Pipe Creek Township, Martha is married and is the mother of 2 children.   She is a member of the First Baptist Church in Elwood.

Martha Lambertson...our BEST for you in '82  Vote Republican November 2nd.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Black Sheep Sunday: Police Lose Trail of Kokomo Bandit Gang, Blue Car Found

Source: Marion Leader-Tribune, Marion, Indiana, March 28, 1925, p. 1.


Marion police have been asked to aid in the search for bandits, who held up and robbed the South Kokomo bank of $4,000 in cash and a like amount in Liberty bonds yesterday afternoon, and whose trail was lost when the conspicuous blue car, used by the bandits, to make their escape, was found concealed in a slough five miles southwest of Kokomo.

A farmer reported he saw the bandits, about seven in number, change to two small cars, which were a coupe and a sedan.

Many Reports Received

In the meantime many reports had come from Grant, Madison and other counties telling of blue cars which had been seen.  This information became of no value when it was found the bandits had abandoned this car.

The bandits entered the bank singly.  While the first was having a $10 bill changed a second entered and waited at the cashier's window.

The third suddenly displayed a gun and ordered A.E. Gorton, cashier, Miss Winifred Dimitt, assistant cashier, and Miss Frances Gorton into the rear room. Gorton was forced, with a pistol at the back of his head, to open the inner vault.

"Speedy," a small terrier, boldly attacked the burglar's ankles, and was kicked into the basement.

The bandit's car was stolen from Ft. Wayne Thursday night, and carried the license plates of a phaeton belonging to Barrett M. Woodsmall of Indianapolis, stolen from there March 11, and found here riddled with bullets Thursday night.

Holdup is Watched

The holdup was watched by three young men in a drug store across the street from the bank, but they were prevented from calling police because of fear of a stranger who stood in the store and watched them closely.  The alarm was not sounded until the bandits had escaped with their money.

The bandits, at least several of them, have been seen twice in Kokomo recently.  They took lunch at a small cafe in the south part of town last Sunday, and previously tried to get rooms in the hotel above the restaurant.

Cashier Gorton had some difficulty in working the combination of the safe, and this angered the bandit who held the gun over him, and he threatened "to blow his brains out."  The men were in the bank about ten minutes.  Only one customer tried to enter, Vernon Shaw, and he was slapped by one of the men and later robbed of $18.

The bandits tore the telephone from the wall, and also broke a shotgun and took away the extra cartridges.

The impression was that the bandits had gone to Indianapolis, but after they abandoned the blue car it was difficult to determine which road was taken.  Reports came from many places of seeing cars travel at a fast rate of speed, but none were definite.

This article is another in a series of follow-up stories to the robberies of the South Kokomo State Bank by a group of robbers, led by my paternal cousin, Harry PIERPONT (1902-1934).  Harry later became famous as a member of the "Terror Gang" with John Dillinger.  These earlier robberies terrorized Indiana during 1924-25.

Black Sheep Sunday – create a post with the main focus being an ancestor with a “shaded past.” Bring out your ne’er-do-wells, your cads, your black widows, your horse thieves and tell their stories. And don’t forget to check out the International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists (IBSSG). This is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.