Monday, February 24, 2014

Metzner Family Enjoys First Reunion in Many Years

Portland, Indiana Commercial Review, July 20, 1909, page 1


Double Birthday at Westchester Attended by Crowd

Auto Bears Unusual Burden

Metzner Family Enjoys First Reunion in Many Years

Eighty-six person enjoyed the dinner spread on the wide porch and lawns of the Axe home at Westchester Sunday, for a reunion of members of the family.  The occasion celebrated the birthdays of Mrs. Catherine Metzner, 90 and Mrs. Amanda Axe, 28.  Mrs. Metzner has been in the country since 1835, when she came from Germany.

The day was enlivened by games and exchanges of reminiscences of childhood days.  In the afternoon, a memorable hour, for Grandma Metzner at least, was a short trip in George Maxwell's auto.  With him also rode the youngest attendant, the 14 months old baby of Irvin Metzner.

Those present were: Wesley Metzner and family, William Metzner and family, Mrs. George Stolz, Mrs. Mary Huey of Rome City, Mrs. Harry Green and family, Mrs. Lydia Smith and family, Irvin Metzner and family, Mrs. Amanda Axe, Mrs. Nora Bergman, Mrs. Gilbert Pierpont of Indianapolis, Jacob Haley and family, Geo. S. Haley and family, William Haley and family, Levi Patterson, Fred Martin, Jacob Haley, E.T. Haffner, Mrs. Philip Stolz, Wesley Metzner, Eli Via, William Axe of Michigan, all Haley, George Maxwell, Mrs. Nora accompanied by their families. [typesetting error : should read from Wesley Metzner, Eli Haley, George Maxwell, Mrs. Nora Via, William Axe of Michigan, all accompanied by their families]

There were present, four children, six granchildren and 15 great grandchildren, besides other relatives.

Always wonderful to have these family reunions published in the papers, particularly the mention of the all of the names of the relatives.  The trick is seeing if I can identify each of these named individuals and how they are related to Grandma Catherine Metzner

Wesley Metzner and family - This is Wesley T. Metzner (1855-    ), her son.

William Metzner and family - This is William F. Metzner (1844-1929), her son.

Mrs. George Stolz - This is Catherine E. (Metzner) Stolz (1853-1943), her daughter.

Mrs. Mary Huey - This is Mary A. (Metzner) Huey (1862-1925), her daughter.

Mrs. Harry Green and family - This is Loetta J. (Metzner) Green, her granddaughter.  Loetta was the daughter of William F. and Mary A. (Haley) Metzner. 

Mrs. Lydia Smith and family - This is Lydia Ann (Metzner) Smith, her granddaughter.  Lydia was the daughter of William F. and Mary A. (Haley) Metzner.

Irvin Metzner and family - This is Irvin G. Metzner (1879-    ), her grandson.  Irvin was the son of William F. and Mary A. (Haley) Metzner.

Mrs. Amanda Axe - This is Amanda A. (Metzner) Axe, her granddaughter.  Amanda was the daughter of William F. and Mary A. (Haley) Metzner.

Mrs. Nora Bergman - This is Nora May (Stolz) Bergman, her granddaughter.  Nora was the daughter of George W. and Catherine E. (Metzner) Stolz.

Mrs. Gilbert Pierpont - This is Lena (Orcutt) Pierpont, her granddaughter.  Lena was the daughter of James and Samantha E. (Metzner) Orcutt.

I was able to identify the four children and the six grandchildren from the list of names.  The others mentioned include members of the intermarried Haley and Metzner families.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gilbert and Lena Pierpont of Muncie come for visit

Portland, Indiana Semi-Weekly Sun, March 23, 1900, page 5

Gilbert Pierpont and wife, of Muncie, visited this week with James Huston and George Straube.

Located this article through, showing Gilbert and Lena (Orcutt) Pierpont of Muncie visiting in the Portland area.  Lena was my paternal first cousin three times removed, the daughter of James Orcutt and Samantha E. Metzner.

The James Huston being visited was likely the James who had married Caroline Metzner, Lena's aunt.  Caroline died that year.   I have not yet connected George Straube to my family.

Gilbert and Lena were married November 27, 1899 in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.  They were the parents of my black-sheep cousin, Harry Pierpont, member of the Dillinger gang.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Death Certificate : Luman Walker LeMasters Sr. (1808-1888), Jay County, Indiana

L.W. LeMasters, death certificate Book H1 page 71 (1888), Jay County Health Department, Portland, Indiana

This certifies, that according to the records of the Jay County Board of Health Department

Name L.W. LeMasters Sr.

Died on April 15, 1888 at ___ C.S.T. at Jay County, Indiana

Sex M Color White  Married Age 80

Primary cause of death given was Uraeumic Poison

Certified by D.S. Skinner, M.D. Salamonia, Indiana

Place of burial or removal not given

Date of burial not given

Record was filed May 16, 1888 Book H1 Page No. 71

E.M. Gillum, M.D. Local Heath Officer

Issued on September 1, 1976

He was the son of Jacob LeMasters.  This is all I have.


The death certificate of my paternal 3rd-great grandfather, Luman Walker LeMasters Sr. (1808-1888) was recorded in Jay County, Indiana.  It has been a part of my research collection for many years, and was part of my father's research back in 1976 when the record was requested.

Luman is buried in the Salamonia Cemetery, Salamonia, Indiana.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Marriage Record : Luman W. Lemasters to Nancy Young, Shelby County, Ohio, 1832

Located the marriage record of my paternal 3rd-great grandfather, Luman Walker Lemasters (1808-1888) to Nancy Young (1812-1904) in Shelby County, Ohio at

"Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1994," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 06 Feb 2014), Luman W Lemaster and Nancy Young, 19 Jan 1832; citing Shelby, Ohio, United States, reference 64; FHL microfilm 562857.

This is to certify that on the 19th day of January in the year of Our Lord, 1832 Luman W. Lemasters and Nancy Young both of Shelby County were legally joined in marriage by me a Justice of the Peace in and for the said County of Shelby.  Given under my hand this 14 day of Feb. A.D. 1832     James H. Coleman J.P.

Luman was born in Mason County, Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1808 and had came to Ohio with his father, Jacob shortly after the War of 1812.  Nancy was born in Pickaway County, Ohio and moved to Shelby County with her father, Philip, sometime between 1826 and the 1830 census.

Luman's older brother, Isaac, had married a Hannah Elizabeth Coleman in 1821 in Shelby County. She was the daughter of Philip and Ann (Kelly) Coleman.  The relationship of the Justice of the Peace who married Luman and this Coleman family is not yet known.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Jumping Into the Genealogy DNA waters

Just finished completing a DNA sample to be sent in for testing with 23andMe.

The kit was a present from genea-Santa this past December.  For the past few years, I've debated joining the crowds of people who've combined DNA testing with their genealogical research.  With this Christmas present from myself to me and my wife, I can finally join in the fun.  

There are several different groups doing DNA testing, and I decided on 23andMe prior to the recent issues with the FDA.  In fact, I placed my order within a day or two of the announcement, and received an email from the company telling me that I could have my money back if I wanted.  Since I'm more interested in the genealogical data rather than the health information, I decided to keep the two kits I had purchased wrapped up underneath the tree.

I'm hoping that this testing will provide some clues on my genetic ancestry as well as Eileen's.  An overview of the service is explained here.

While most of my "paper trail" genealogy is fairly well traced, being mostly German or English,  I do have a maternal great-grandmother who was illegitimate.  Her ancestry is probably where I get the dark eyes, hair and complexion common to her descendants.  If I would venture to guess, I'm thinking there is some Italian in the line, though I'm ready to be surprised.

Same with Eileen's "paper trail" genealogy - a lot of German and English origins.  However, there is the tradition of Indian blood that she would like to have verified.  Though I'm suspicious this tradition, based on the records, DNA research should at least provide some clues.

I'm eagerly anticipating the results of this service and can't wait to see if I connect to other cousins.