Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Failure to Document: Where was that source?

I received an email from a someone who found my research at WorldConnect and wanted to know about my source for the marriage of Sherman Green to Almeda Boyer. Their son Ivor Green was this researcher's ancestor.

When I began to look into my database, I noticed that this was information that was unsourced in my database. Another reminder that I need to cite each and every source as I place it in the database and not try to rely on later memory. In this particular case, I was able to locate files of correspondence with another researcher that I could email my new contact. I will be working to update this information and place it in the files.

I was also able to do a quick search of the census in Heritage Quest and locate this researcher's family. I discovered that their names were listed in the census as William Sherman Green and Vina A. Green.

I still had the original letter that I received from back in 1992 regarding the Boyer line that I can send as well. Hopefully, this information will allow the researcher to continue the search.

This Boyer line is one of Corinne's lines and the name appears to have originally been spelled as Borror. By the time the family was in Warrick and Vanderburgh Cos., Indiana they had been using the Boyer spelling.

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