Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cousin bait : Calmbach

A cousin bait posting on the Calmbach line brought me an email from cousin Linda, who descends from Jacob, brother of my Magdalena Calmbach (1640-1722).  Jacob and Magdalena were the children of Hans Calmbach and wife Christena.

Linda's line is : 

Jacob Calmbach (1640) and Maria Christina (1614)
Michael Kalmbach (1672) and Maria Braun (1672)
Jakobus Kalmbach (1699) and Katharina Seeger (1723)
Jacob Kalmbach (1750) and Eva Maria Kalmbach (1750)
Jacob Kalmbach (1790) and Dorothea Vogel (1794)
Christian Kalmbach (1815) and Anna Barbara Schlenker (1816)
Friedrich Kalmbach (1839) and Christine Keller (1844)
Matthias Kalmbach (1874) and Katharina Sauter (1880)
Emanuel Kalmbach (1902) and Katharina Ruff (1905)   

While my line is:

Magdalena Calmbach (1640) and Anton Schwartz (1637)
Magdalena Schwartz (1676) and Martin ________
Maria Schwartz (1713) and Jacob Stickel (1708)
Jacob Stickel (1742) and Anna Maria ________ (1742)
Mary Stickel (1768) and Abraham Byers (1771)

Barbara Byers (1798) and David Jacobs (1796)
Susan Jacobs (1825) and David Sherrick (1823)
Mary Jane Sherrick (1844) and George Washington Haley (1840)
Eli Weldon Haley (1866) and Cora Belle Metzner (1868)
Ruth Pauline Haley (1911) and Ord Wehrly LeMaster (1906)

This line is so far removed from me and I haven't done any original research, so I do not know how accurate it is.  The family was from the Egenhausen, Würrtemberg area.  Very little is sourced, so anyone with a connection or corrections, please respond.

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