Monday, March 17, 2014

DNA : My Paternal Haplogroup I1

The results of my paternal haplogroup tested at 23andMe determined that I was a part of haplogroup I1

I find it interesting that the highest frequency of this haplogroup was found in Scandinavia.  Paternal haplogroup is passed down from father to son, so somewhere way back there I have an ancestor from northern Europe.  With my dad being tested, he should also be in the haplogroup as well.

Only males have the Y-DNA haplogroup, but if females have their brothers or father’s tested they can find the haplogroup associated with their surname.

With my direct male LeMaster genealogy not being a definite connection to Abraham Lemaster of Charles Co., MD, I would be interested in seeing how my DNA compares with others who have a paper trail genealogy back to Abraham.

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