Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thieves Visit Wright Home

Source: Alexandria Times-Tribune, Alexandria, Indiana, Wednesday, October 14, 1936, page 1.

Thieves Visit Wright Home

Clothing and Jewelry Missing When Family Returned

By removing a screen and crawling through a rear window, thieves entered the home of Fred Wright, corner of Broadway and Canal streets, last evening and stole clothing and jewelry valued at $75.

The housebreakers looted the home and escaped with a new overcoat and raincoat belonging to Mr. Wright, a pair of trousers to a new suit and a Masonic ring. A white gold watch belonging to his son Orville, and a ladies purse and pearl ring belonging to Mrs. Wright and a collection of old coins was also taken.

Mr. Wright, who is a rural mail carrier and his wife left their home at 7 o'clock and came to the business district to watch the Democratic parade. When they returned at 8:30 they discovered the robbery. The thieves had pulled all blinds in the house and the floors were littered with burnt matches indicating that the robbers had used the matches to see their way about.

Police were notified but a search about the house and premises failed to uncover any clews[sic] that will lead to the arrest and identity of the thieves. The raincoat was lined with brown material. It bore the name of Fred Wright, and police are seeking trace of the coat on that identification. All other windows in the home were securely fastened.

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