Sunday, August 02, 2009

Grant County, Indiana resource

Here's a resource for those who may have relatives in Grant County, Indiana. Check out and then click on Departments>Health Department>Vital Records and then click on 'Death By Name'. Here you can search for your family members information and there are links to contact the Health Department to obtain a copy of the death certificate.

One thing I noticed was that the database contained final disposition of the body and the name of the informant, something that could provide clues for further research and answers as to where some of the information came from. The database doesn't state the time frame of the data, but I was able to find deaths from the 1930s all the way to the present.

Grant County is where I reside, and while I don't have much family here, I was able to find out information about some collateral relatives who died in Grant County. I searched my RootsMagic database for anyone I could find in Grant County, and was able to add some information.

There are some LeMaster names in the database who are not close relatives, including :

Paul B. LeMaster death date 5/22/1980 Marion, Indiana. His place of birth was not given, but the date was 8/24/1925. His father was Charles B. LeMaster and mother was Clarisse Busheart.

Raleigh K. LeMaster death date 2/25/1994 Marion, Indiana. He was born 4/16/1908 in Flat Gap, Kentucky. His father was Henry B. LeMaster and mother was Vergie Florence Harris.

Stanley S. LeMaster death date 3/2/2001 Marion, Indiana. He was born 4/10/1935 in Paintsville, Kentucky. His father was Ochal R. LeMaster and mother was Ruth G. Lyon

Roba E. LeMaster death date 1/21/1980 Marion, Indiana. He was born 12/2/1898 in West Virginia. His father was John D. LeMaster and mother was Sarah Pratt.

Jewell E. LeMaster death date 12/22/2005 Marion, Indiana. She was born 12/31/1918 in Keaton, Kentucky. Her father was Tommy Bailey and mother was Erie M. Evans.

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