Thursday, October 01, 2009

Old Hickory's Influence on my Family

I've just finished reading Jon Meacham's American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House, and found it to be a fascinating look at Old Hickory's time in Washington. Having visited The Hermitage several times, I've also found Jackson to have been an interesting President and complicated figure in our country's history. Our country's current financial crisis in the banking industry makes me realize that Jackson had a point with about the power and influence of the banks.

Jackson was a hero in America on par with George Washington, and many families named their sons after the hero of New Orleans. Curious to find out how many individuals in my database might be named for Jackson, I did a search and discovered the following:

Andrew Jackson ASHLEY: born October 8, 1869, son of Jordan Toliver ASHLEY & Sarah HURT. He is my stepdaughter's great-great grandfather. He married Polly PRIDEMORE.

Andrew Jackson BERRY: born 1814, son of John Berry & Bettie SMITHER. I have not yet connected him to my other BERRY lines.

Andrew Jackson BRUNER: born April 6, 1823 in Greene County, Tennessee, died April 28, 1909 in Hancock County, Illinois. He married Selina HAWORTH, my maternal 5th cousin 5 times removed.

Andrew J. CUMMINGS: born June 1876 in Tennessee, son of Houston CUMMINGS & Frances GRISHAM. He is my wife's paternal second cousin twice removed.

Andrew J. DONAHUE: born 1851. He married Mary LEMASTERS, my third cousin three times removed.

Andrew Jackson FYEFFE: He married Martha A. LEMASTER, my fourth cousin four times removed.

Andrew Jackson GATTS: born June 4, 1855 in Brown County, Ohio, died August 29, 1935 in Schuyler County, Missouri; son of Perry GATTS & Isabella HEATON. He is my maternal first cousin four times removed.

Andrew J. HALEY married Clara G. MEED in Jay County, Indiana. I am still working to connect him to my Jay County, Indiana HALEY families.

Andrew J. LUARK: born ca. 1858 in Indiana, son of Andrew Taylor LUARK & Elizabeth ________

Andrew Jackson McLARNEY: born February 1854

Andrew J. McKENZIE: born 1830 Scott County, Virginia, married Frances (Fanny) LEMASTER, daughter of Joseph LEMASTER and Elinor WHEELER.

Andrew Jackson RICE: He married Rebecca LEMASTER, daughter of Lewis LEMASTER and Martha PHILLIPS.

Andrew Jackson ROBBINS: He married Salina Jane LEMASTER, daughter of Abraham LEMASTER and Jane SOMMERVILLE.

Andrew J. SHAW: married Jane BRADY November 15, 1838 in Brown County, Ohio.

Andrew Jackson SHAW: born October 28, 1833 Crawford County, Illinois, son of Joseph M. SHAW & Narcissa MIDDLETON.

Andrew Jackson SHAW: son of Lewis SHAW & Sarah Wilhelmina MAXSON.

Andrew Jackson SIGLER: born March 8, 1846 Madison County, Indiana, son of Daniel SIGLER & Elizabeth SHANK. He married Almira R. PIERCE, my third great grandaunt.

Andrew J. SWITZER: born ca. 1845, married Mahala ________. His daughter, Alice married Seth MOON, my first cousin 5 times removed.

Andrew J. WILCOX married Angeline WILCOX, daughter of John R. LEMASTER and Tamah ________.

How did Andrew Jacksons' political opponent, Henry Clay, do in being represented? Not so well, although there were a few candidates:

Henry Clay LEMASTER: born 1844, son of Hugh LEMASTER & Caroline I. BAGLEY

Henry C. ALDERMAN: born 1829, son of Henry ALDERMAN & Hannah GILBERT

Henry C. LEMASTER: born March 4, 1880, son of George W. LEMASTER & Mary Ann TUCKER

Henry C. MAASBERG: born ca. 1857

Henry C. OSBURN: son of Henry OSBURN & Nancy SALYER

Henry C. SWAFFORD: born ca. 1847 Tennessee, son of Jackson SWAFFORD & Warney SWAFFORD.

Although I cannot verify that each one of these individuals was named for Jackson or Clay, it would appear from anecdotal evidence that these men were respected enough to have been namesakes. I wonder if today's politicians garner enough respect to have children named after them?

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