Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tax Records: Ezekiel Cooper CHEW: 1863-1864

I located these interesting tax records at for Ezekiel Cooper CHEW for the time periods of May & June 1863 and January 1864.   In these, his occupation is listed variously as physician or attorney.  While I knew he was a physician, this was the first source that I've found to document that he also practiced law.  

I had been told that Ezekiel practiced as an attorney before.  His photograph hangs at the Plymouth Historical Society in Plymouth, Indiana, and supposedly there is mention of his work there.  With this source listing him in Jay County as an attorney, I now have another avenue to research on my next visit to their courthouse.

Ezekiel Cooper CHEW used his initials E.C. CHEW in records.  He was born January 17, 1822 in Gloucester County, New Jersey; graduated from Jefferson College of Philadelphia, lived in Montgomery County, Ohio in the 1850 census and Darke County, Ohio in the 1860 census.  By 1870 and the 1880 census he was back in Darke County, Ohio.  He practiced medicine in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana.  When he retired, his son, William Anderson CHEW, took over the practice.  Ezekiel died August 27, 1888 in St. Joseph's County, Indiana.


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