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Farming in North Dakota : Bert S. Lambertson

A brief mention in the social notes of the April 5, 1912 Tipton, Indiana tribune gave me the clue:
"Bert Lambertson and wife from North Dakota are here visiting his sister, Mrs. Lola Whisler and family.  Mr. and Mrs. Lambertson have not been back to Indiana since they moved to North Dakota which has been about five years ago.  Mr. Lambertson's parents live here in Elwood, and he has a sister at Cicero and they will visit them while here.  It is said they are thinking of remaining in Indiana."
Bert Sigler Lambertson was my maternal 2nd-great granduncle.  He was born August 29, 1886 in Tipton County, Indiana, the son of Carey W. and Clara (COOK) LAMBERTSON.  Bert had married January 4, 1908 in Hamilton County, Indiana to Marie WILLIAMS, daughter of George B. and Louise (________) WILLIAMS.  I had not located Bert in the 1910 census in Indiana, and it wasn't until this article was found that I knew where to search.

Source: 1910 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, Utah, USA

I'm not sure who gave the census taker the information on this family, but even though it full of errors, I'm sure that I've found the right family.  Bert and his wife were living with her parents in 1910 in Haven, Foster County, North Dakota.

Bert is enumerated as "B. Samuel LAMBERTSON" in the George WILLIAMS household.  The relationship to the head of household has been smudged out, but appears to be 'son in law'.  He is a white male, aged 23 years old, married for 2 years with one child living (this should only be filled out for females).  Apprarently the census taker was having trouble with this household, for the sex column was marked both 'male' and 'female' for more than one member of the household.  This 'B. Samuel LAMBERTSON' was born in Indiana, with both parents born in Ohio, spoke English, could read and write and was engaged in farming.  

Right above 'B. Samuel LAMBERTSON' in the George WILLIAMS household, is Marie WILLIAMS, daughter, listed under her maiden name.  She is also shown as a white female, age 23, married for 2 years, mother of 1 child who is still living. Marie was born in Indiana as were both of her parents.  She could speak English but could not read or write.

George WILLIAMS, the head of household, was a 47-year old white male, born in Indiana.  Both of his parents were born in Indiana, and he was engaged in farming.  He could speak English and read and write.  His wife, listed as 'Louie WILLIAMS' was also 47 years old, married for 25 years, mother of 4 children; 3 of whom were living.  She was born in Indiana, as was her father; her mother was born in North Carolina. She could speak English and read and write.

Even though the census enumerator has him listed as "B. Samuel LAMBERTSON", I'm convinced that I've found Bert in the 1910 census, living with his in-laws.  Samuel was the name of Bert's older brother, and you have to wonder who gave the information.  One mystery is that Bert and Marie's 1 1/2 year old son, Frank, is not listed with the family.  Perhaps he was with other relatives, or he was missed.  The number of strike throughs on this census sheet and the errors therein make me wonder how accurate it was.

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