Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Christian Church : Alexandria, Indiana (1831-1981)

First Christian Church, Alexandria, Indiana Sesquicentennial program

While at the Alexandria-Monroe Township Historical Society recently, I was able to use my Flip-Pal scanner to scan some photographs and information from the sesquicentennial program of the First Christian Church in Alexandria, Indiana.  I attended this church growing up and remember this program and time period in the church's history.

I was excited to be able to find pictures of the church choir during this time frame, because my maternal grandmother, Bonnie Wright, was a member.

First Christian Church choir, 1981
First Christian Church choir, 1981 [from program]
Choir Members
Row 1 (Left to Right) - Joyce White, Betty Parks, Karla Hall, Jeanne Beck, Deborah Gosnell, Anne Nelson, Pianist.

Row 2 - Virginia Wachenschwanz, Director; Barbara Miller, Jayne Dyer, Carolyn Hall, Margaret Gosnell, Dennis Kirkpatrick, Janice Armstrong, Organist.

Row 3 - Bonnie Wright, Shirley Colvill, Jesse McMahan, Judy Welcome, Betty Hampton.

Row 4 - Tom Colvill, Dave Dyer, Robert Miller, Dennis Sizelove, Larry Hobbs, Paul Tanner, Jack Wachenschwanz.
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