Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Christian Church : Alexandria, Indiana (1831-1981)

First Christian Church, Alexandria, Indiana Sesquicentennial program

While at the Alexandria-Monroe Township Historical Society recently, I was able to use my Flip-Pal scanner to scan some photographs and information from the sesquicentennial program of the First Christian Church in Alexandria, Indiana.  I attended this church growing up and remember this program and time period in the church's history.

I was excited to be able to find pictures of the church choir during this time frame, because my maternal grandmother, Bonnie Wright, was a member.

First Christian Church choir, 1981
First Christian Church choir, 1981 [from program]
Choir Members
Row 1 (Left to Right) - Joyce White, Betty Parks, Karla Hall, Jeanne Beck, Deborah Gosnell, Anne Nelson, Pianist.

Row 2 - Virginia Wachenschwanz, Director; Barbara Miller, Jayne Dyer, Carolyn Hall, Margaret Gosnell, Dennis Kirkpatrick, Janice Armstrong, Organist.

Row 3 - Bonnie Wright, Shirley Colvill, Jesse McMahan, Judy Welcome, Betty Hampton.

Row 4 - Tom Colvill, Dave Dyer, Robert Miller, Dennis Sizelove, Larry Hobbs, Paul Tanner, Jack Wachenschwanz.


Earl Winfrey said...

My name is Earl Winfrey, and I am searching my family history. I came across a name during my search that may be connected to the First Christian Church of Alexandria IN. His name was the Rev. George W. Winfrey, and in 1918, he was the pastor of the Christian Church in Alexandria IN. Do you know if this could be the same church? If so, I would like any information you could offer as to who this man was. My email address is:



Travis LeMaster said...

Earl - Yes, Rev. Winfrey was the pastor of this church. I will see if I can find more on him and send your way. Also, there is a link to the local historical society on the blog, they do have files on the church. The church is still active in Alexandria.