Thursday, November 17, 2011

William Clifford LeMaster and Lella Edith Lewis

Located a genealogy online that contained some information on the LeMaster and Lewis families that may be of use to those researching this line. The book was located online here.  The following was found on page 207:

Leela Edith Lewis, daughter of Morgan B. and Hattie (Hoover) Lewis, 
was born April 9, 1876, near West Grove, Penn Township, Jay County, Indiana. 
William Clifford LeMaster, son of Luman Walker and Mary K. (Chew) 
LeMaster, was born September i, 1870, at Rose Hill, Darke County, Ohio. 
Leela E. Lewis and William C. LeMaster were united in marriage Aug- 
ust 20, 1892, in Penn Township, Jay County, Indiana. 
Name Birth Death 
Gladys Armoral LeMaster October 20, 1893 
Leela Lewis LeMaster March 20, 1897 
Gladys A. was born in Jay County, Indiana, and Leela at Elyria, Loraine 
County, Ohio. 
A short time after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. LeMaster moved to 
Elyria, Loraine County, Ohio, where Mr. LeMaster accepted a position in the 
Old Savings Deposit Bank, which office he held until 1901, when he resigned 
and became cashier for the Elyria Savings and Banking Company. 
Mrs. LeMaster is a graduate from the common schools of Penn Town- 
ship. She is a member of the First Congregational Church, of Elyria, Ohio. 
Mr. LeMaster is of French and English descent. His father comes of a 
Methodist family of French descent, from Loraine, France. The name was 
originally LeMaitre. His mother was from New Jersey and is of English 
descent. After a common school education Mr. LeMaster attended the Normal 
College at Portland, Indiana, two terms, after which he taught in the public 
schools of Madison Township. Jay County, Indiana, one year. He then went 
to Oberlin, Ohio, where he graduated from the business college, January, 1892.

William Clifford LeMaster was my paternal great-uncle, son of Luman Walker LeMasters and Mary Keziah Chew.  He married Lella Edith Lewis, daughter of Morgan B. Lewis and Hattie Hoover August 20, 1892 in Jay County, Indiana.  I have enjoyed tracing his life journey from Elyria, Ohio to Colorado where he died July 26, 1922.

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Grandma Honey said...

Very interesting, Travis. I never knew my great grandpa was a school teacher. Also, I've never paid much attention that the Hoover line comes through my maternal great grandma. But I do wonder how Hattie Hoover (My great great grandma) is actually related to Herbert Hoover.

Love your blog Travis!