Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On This Day : January 25

1673: Timothy PIERCE born in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Timothy was the son of Thomas PIERCE and Eliza ________.

1722: Magdalena SCHWARTZ died in Egenhausen, Wurttemberg.  Magdalena was the daughter of Hans CALMBACH and Christina ________.  She was my 9x great-grandmother.

1726: Benjamin STILLMAN born.  Benjamin was the son of George STILLMAN and Deborah CRANDALL.

1772: Margaret MINGA born in Pennsylvania.  Margaret was the daughter of Henry MINGA.  She was Eileen's 5x great-grandmother.

1773: Abel BRIGGS married Lettice WOOLSTON in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Abel was the son of Francis BRIGGS and Rachel STOCKTON.  Lettice was the daughter of Samuel WOOLSTON and Cyllania WOOLSTON.  They were my 6x great-grandparents.

1798: Jonathan HUNT married Phebe COFFIN.  Jonathan was the son of John HUNT and Rachel HAWORTH.

1803: Minerva PIERCE born in Vermont.  Minerva was the daughter of Gordon PIERCE and Thirsa SMALLEY.

1809: Jesse B. CARSON born in Surry County, North Carolina.  Jesse was the son of John CARSON and Abigail SUMNER.

1826: David BEALS married Rachel HAMMER.  David was the son of David BEALS and Rachel WEST.

1841: Hazard BURDICK died in Norwich, New York.  Hazard was the son of Oliver BURDICK and Lydia ELDERTON.

1841: Gordon L. PIERCE born.  Gordon was the son of Austin PIERCE and Mary Ann STERLING.

1853: Hiram Powers AILES born in Shelby County, Ohio. Hiram was the son of Alfred AILES and Melissa Jane YOUNG.

1854: Lucinda WELCH died in Enfield, Connecticut.  Lucinda was the daughter of Seth PIERCE and Bethiah FIELD.

1872: Charles Wilson LAMBERTSON born in Preble County, Ohio.  Charles was the son of Carey W. LAMBERTSON and Clara E. COOK.  He was my 2x great-grandfather.

1880: Enoch Franklin BURCHFIEL married Martha Jane DERRICK.  Enoch was the son of Joseph Rmenia BURCHFIEL and Louisa LEE.

1895: Lula Ivene BALES born in Morrowville, Kansas.  Lula was the daughter of Edward Clarkson BALES and Minnie Matilda DONN.

1903: Stephen M. YOUNG died.  Stephen was the son of Phillip YOUNG and Nancy Ann McLANE.

1916: Sue BURNETTE born in Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee.  Sue was the daughter of Luther L. BURNETTE and Margaret E. SWAFFORD.

1916: Keziah DAVIS died.  Keziah was the daughter of Ehud DAVIS and Catherine DAVIS.

1918: Lester Lawrence BRADLEY born in Richmond, Missouri.  Lester was the son of Aaron Elmer BRADLEY and Dora May DENNING.

1923: Lucy Grace GAUDEN died in Rayville, Missouri.  Lucy was the daughter of Samuel Richard SWAFFORD and Susan Isabell McGAUGH.

1936: Pearl Louise WRIGHT married Charles Gail DeBOLT in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana.  Pearl was the daughter of Edward E. WRIGHT and Martha Jane STARR.

1979: Zada TEMPLEMAN died.  Zada was the daughter of John R. HEATON and Sarah Jane GRAY.

1987: Aaron Tilden SWAFFORD died in Richmond, Missouri.  Aaron was the son of Arthur Clyde SWAFFORD and Katherine ACREE.

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