Sunday, February 19, 2012

On This Day : February 19

1664 - Elizabeth PHILBRICK married Henry ROBEY.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas PHILBRICK and Elizabeth ________.

1719 - Nathan BURDICK born.  Nathan was the son of Hubbard BURDICK and Hannah MAXSON.

1759 - Zaccheus BURDICK married Elizabeth SMITH in Westerly, Rhode Island. Zaccheus was the son of Thomas BURDICK and Dorothy MAXSON.

1768 - Elizabeth MADISON born.  Elizabeth was the daughter of James MADISON and Eleanor Rose CONWAY.

1812 - Margaret BOND married Welcome GARRETT.  Margaret was the daughter of Samuel BOND and Elizabeth BEALS.

1823 - Mary HUNT married David JAMES in Indiana.  Mary was the daughter of Isom HUNT and Margaret BUNDY.

1824 - Peter RINEHART married Sarah ADNEY in Preble County, Ohio.   Peter was the son of Peter RINEHART and Margaret MINGA.

1835 - James Lewis NOSLER born.  James was the son of John NOSLER and Mary PIRTLE.

1836 - Charity MILLS died.  Charity was the daughter of Mordecai MENDENHALL and Charity BEESON.  Charity was my 6x great-grandmother.

1847 - John Farley BECKETT born in Polk County, Iowa.  John was the son of Lemuel Daugherty BECKETT and Sarah Springer CHEW.

1888 - Frances MIGUET died in Buchanan County, Iowa.  Frances was Corinne's 5x great-grandmother.

1891 - Charles Valentine SWAFFORD born in Brunswick, Missouri.  Charles was the son of Landon Marcellus SWAFFORD and Bertie Belle MARSH.

1896 - Hazel Lucille KING born in Madison County, Indiana.  Hazel was the daughter of Benjamin Zellen KING and Elizabeth Ann SCHELL.

1902 - Homer RANTS married Caroline KADERLY.  Homer was the son of David F. RANTS and Nancy M. CUNNINGHAM.

1991 - John C. JOHNSON died in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.  John was the son of John M. JOHNSON and Martha PIERCE.

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