Saturday, February 25, 2012

On This Day : February 25

1599 - Ulrich GRUNDBACHER born in Switzerland.  Ulrich was my 9x great-grandfather.

1662 - Josiah WITTER married Elizabeth WHEELER in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Josiah was the son of William WITTER and Hannah ________.

1701 - Deborah HADLEY born.  Deborah was the daughter of Simon HADLEY and Ruth ________.

1710 - Sarah HAINES born.  Sarah was the daughter of William HAINES and Sarah PAINE.

1712 - John SEWALL died.  John was the son of John SEWALL and Hannah FESSENDEN.

1715 - Catherine HADLEY born.  Catherine was the daughter of Simon HADLEY and Ruth ________.

1833 - Eliza HECK married Walter P. TAYLOR in Bracken County, Kentucky.  Eliza was the daughter of Jacob HECK and Elizabeth ________.

1833 - Martha HIGGINS died.  Martha was the daughter of Jonathan H. HIGGINS and Ann BRITTON.

1849 - William Perry ALDERMAN married Elizabeth Ann LEE in Greenville, Bond County, Illinois.  William was the son of James ALDERMAN and Martha CANTELL.

1852 - Ephraim Morgan WAMSLEY born in Ohio.  Ephraim was the son of Samuel WAMSLEY and Catherine GROENENDYKE.

1894 - Curtis W. POE married Lillian S. PHEBUS in Norton, Norton County, Kansas.  Curtis was the son of Isaac S. POE and Hannah MILLS.

1899 - L. Homer CHALFANT born in West Virginia.  Homer was the son of Solomon Elija CHALFANT and Matilda Gregg MAXON.

1909 - John Vernon YEAGER born.  John was the son of John Henry YEAGER and Bertha Fidelia LeMASTERS.

1935 - Mary Olive LeMASTER married Virgil Thorton TAYLOR.  Mary was the daughter of Luman Cooper LeMASTERS and Barbara Isabel WEHRLY.

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