Saturday, January 02, 2016

Cousin bait : LaMaster

Just received an email from a LaMaster, trying to find out how we are connected.  Wrote him back and asked for as much information he has tracing his line back, so I can compare notes and see if I can find the line in the books I have on the family.  Spelling variations aside, if we are related, it's likely pretty distant.

The branches I'm aware of that spell the name LaMaster from the "Lemasters USA" book by Howard Lemaster would be at least 5th or more distant cousins, provided I can find the link of my branch in to those lines.  

I'm still working on the paper trail to that line, hoping to save my money and do a Y-DNA test to connect to others who have a better paper trail.

This blog continues to be good 'cousin bait' with people finding me and reaching out.

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