Saturday, March 31, 2012

On This Day : March 31

1654 - Mary CLARK born in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts.  Mary was the daughter of John CLARK and Elizabeth STEBBINS.  Mary was 8x great-grandmother.

1677 - Margaret WRIGHT born.  Margaret was the daughter of Alexander WRIGHT and Mary FERGUS.

1688 - Thomas PHILBRICK born in Hampton, Province of New Hampshire.  Thomas was the son of Samuel PHILBRICK and Jane ________.

1709 - Dorothy FREEMAN born in Preston, Connecticut.  Dorothy was the daughter of John FREEMAN and Abigail WITTER.

1709 - Joshua NEWBOLD died.  Joshua was the son of Michael NEWBOLD and Anne CLAYTON.

1738 - Susannah CHAMNESS born in Baltimore County, Maryland.  Susannah was the daughter of Anthony CHAMNESS and Sarah COLE.

1739 - William FESSENDEN married Mary PALMER.  William was the son of William FESSENDEN and Martha WYETH.

1762 - Daniel MAXSON married Borodell ROSS.  Daniel was the son of John MAXSON and Thankful RANDALL.

1774 - Hannah MILLS married Manlove WHEELER.  Hannah was the daughter of Henry MILLS and Hannah THORNBURG.

1791 - Thomas HUNT married Phebe ANTHONY.  Thomas was the son of Thomas HUNT and Ann BEALS.

1794 - Jean RAINS born.  Jean was the daughter of Anthony RAINS and Nancy GRAHAM.

1796 - John WILLIAMS married Mary ROBINSON.  John was the son of Jesse WILLIAMS and Eleanor JOHNSON.

1825 - Elizabeth BOND married Isaiah BALDWIN.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel BOND and Elizabeth BEALS.

1831 - William L. MAXON born in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  William was the son of Stephen MAXON and Rachel COOK.

1848 - Elizabeth SCISM born.  Elizabeth was the daughter of William SCISM and Lucinda McPHEETERS.

1850 - Anne Marie Louise Charlotte KAHRE born.  Anne was the daughter of Karl Heinrich KAHRE and Anna Marie Ilsbein KROGER.

1852 - Ananias DAVIS born.  Ananias was the son of Ehud DAVIS and Catherine DAVIS.

1877 - Nettie Jane HAGAMAN born.  Nettie was the daughter of Charles Sherman HAGAMAN and Lydia MOULTON.

1918 - Inez Irene ASHCRAFT married Berlye Sylvester MILLER.  Inez was the daughter of William Stevenson ASHCRAFT and Blanche Bertha LEWIS.

1919 - Jesse WRIGHT died in Madison County, Indiana.  Jesse was the son of Joseph W. WRIGHT and Rebecca Ann HEATON.

1959 - John SWAFFORD died in Tennessee.  John was the son of Aaron SWAFFORD and Eliza Jane TAYLOR.

1994 - Robert Eugene KING died in Carson City, Nevada.  Robert was the son of James Alfred KING and Rosie M. DILL.

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