Saturday, May 12, 2012

On This Day : May 12

1684 - Mary NEWBOLD married Jedediah HIGGINS in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Mary was the daughter of Michael NEWBOLD and Anne CLAYTON.

1719 - James W. CRANDALL born.  James was the son of Joseph CRANDALL and Ann LANGWORTHY.

1733 - Joseph ALLEN born.  Joseph was the son of John ALLEN and Amy COX.

1748 - Mary MAXSON married Joshua CHASE.  Mary was the daughter of Jonathan MAXSON and Content ROGERS.

1773 - Rowse BABCOCK born.  Rowse was the son of Rowse BABCOCK and Ruth MAXSON.

1783 - Samuel HEATON married Rhoda TERRY.  Samuel was the son of Samuel HEATON.

1789 - Catherine WRIGHT born.  Catherine was the daughter of John WRIGHT and Sarah FLEMING.

1808 - John HECK married Catherine KIMMER in Bracken County, Kentucky.  John was the son of Daniel HECK and Catherine ________.

1812 - Henry WARDLAW born in Brown County, Ohio. Henry was the son of Samuel WARDLAW and Elizabeth NESBIT.

1818 - Hannah HAWORTH married Richard WHITE.  Hannah was the daughter of Absalom HAWORTH and Mary WEST.

1841 - Elizabeth PUTMAN married Calvin PERCEFIELD in Monroe County, Indiana.  Elizabeth was the daughter of James PUTMAN and Elizabeth KENDRICK.

1855 - Pleasant MILLS born in Hendricks County, Indiana.  Pleasant was the son of Aaron MILLS and Catherine FARMER.

1878 - Samantha E. METZNER married James ORCUTT in Jay County, Indiana. Samantha was the daughter of John METZNER and Catherine YOUNG.

1888 - Paul KING died in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  Paul was the son of Eli KING and Laura Belle BLACK.

1891 - Jonathan DAVIS died.  Jonathan was the son of Ananias DAVIS and Rebecca CLAYTON.

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