Sunday, August 26, 2012

On This Day : August 26

1656 - Jean CHERDRON married Susanne CENSIER in Otterberg, Pfalz.  Jean was the son of Daniel CHERDRON and Susanne CHAPPE.  Susanne was the daughter of Jean CENSIER and Marie BAILLARD.  They were my 9x-great grandparents.

1667 - Anna WEBB died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.  Anna was the daughter of John BASSETT and Margery ________.  Anna was my 10x-great grandmother.

1692 - Ebenezer BROUGHTON born.  Ebenezer was the son of John BROUGHTON and Hannah BASCOM.

1714 - Moses HURLBUT born in Woodbury, Connecticut.  Moses was the son of Joseph HURLBUT and Mary CASTLE.  Moses was my 7x-great grandfather.

1765 - Samuel CHEW married Margaret TURNER.  Samuel was the son of Jeffrey CHEW and Amy DRIVER.

1767 - Magdalene STRADER born in Hampshire County, Virginia.  Magdalene was the daughter of Christopher STRADER and Elizabeth BUSH.  Magdalene was Corinne's 6x-great grandmother.

1778 - Samuel PIERCE died.  Samuel was the son of Seth PIERCE and Bethiah FIELD.

1788 - Samuel BURDICK born.  Samuel was the son of Hazard BURDICK and Esther SHIRLEY.

1833 - Andrew Jackson JACOBS born in Brown County, Ohio.  Andrew was the son of James Thomas JACOBS and Isabella FEILY.

1836 - Robert H. DEACON married Sarah B. GASKILL in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Robert was the son of Joseph DEACON and Beulah HAINES.

1839 - Benjamin Franklin CROCKETT born.  Benjamin was the son of John CROCKETT and Susan HAYDEN.

1884 - Luella BALDWIN married John D. RATHFON in Wayne County, Indiana.  Luella was the daughter of Cyrus A. BALDWIN and Barbara SHERRICK.

1896 - Ethel KING born in Indiana.  Ethel was the daughter of Albert Edward KING and Sarah Emma GEISEL.

1904 - Nancy LeMASTERS died in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana.  Nancy was the daughter of Phillip YOUNG and Nancy Ann McLANE.  Nancy was my 3x-great grandmother.

1908 - Mattie SWAFFORD married Napoleon BROTHERTON in Hamilton County, Tennessee.  Mattie was the daughter of John Aaron SWAFFORD and Bell SEABORN.

1910 - Isaac LEMASTERS died in Madison Township, Jasper County, Missouri.  Isaac was the son of Isaac LEMASTERS and Hannah Elizabeth COLEMAN.

1971 - Charles G. LEE died in Kansas City, Kansas.  Charles was the son of Gordon A. LEE and Lucretta REEDER.

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