Monday, August 27, 2012

On This Day : August 27

1647 - Robert HASELTINE died in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.  Robert was my 10x-great grandfather.

1725 - John MAXSON born.  John was the son of John MAXSON and Thankful RANDALL.

1751 - Lucy MAXSON born.  Lucy was the daughter of Samuel MAXSON and Ruth ROGERS.

1760 - Johannis ANTONIDES born.  Johannis was the son of Pieter ANTONIDES and Catherine VANDERVEER.

1760 - Joseph DAVIS born.  Joseph was the son of William DAVIS and Elizabeth PAVIOR.

1762 - Sarah CHEW married Patrick FLANAGAN in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Sarah was the daughter of Michael CHEW and Amy PAUL.

1774 - Potter MAXSON died.  Potter was the son of Matthew MAXSON and Martha POTTER.

1785 - Nathan HIATT married Mary THORNBURGH.  Nathan was the son of Christopher HIATT and Lydia BEALS.

1788 - Sally FOX born in Centre Harbor, New Hampshire.  Sally was the daughter of John FOX and Noah WORCESTER.  Sally was my 4x-great grandmother.

1812 - Sophia BURDICK born.  Sophia was the daughter of Samuel BURDICK and Laura BROWN.

1816 - Nathaniel HAWORTH married Anna OLIPHANT in Greene County, Tennessee.  Nathaniel was the son of Absalom HAWORTH and Mary WEST.

1818 - Ornon BOND married Lydia Ann HUNT.  Ornon was the son of Samuel BOND and Elizabeth BEALS.

1820 - Mary JACOBS died in Warrington Township, York County, Pennsylvania. Mary was the daughter of David JACOBS and Barbara BYERS.

1827 - John MAXSON married Mary BEE.  John was the daughter of Zebulon MAXSON and Mary DAVIS.

1829 - Elizabeth BUCHER born.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Nicholas BUCHER and Catherine PETRY.

1835 - Ann JACKSON died.  Ann was the daughter of Bowater BEALS and Sarah Ann COOK.

1837 - Lydia BALES married Emery J. JONES.  Lydia was the daughter of Solomon BEALS and Elizabeth JOHN.

1847 - Andrew CHEW died.  Andrew was the son of Joseph CHEW and Elizabeth THOMAS.

1855 - Franklin PETRY died.  Franklin was the son of Charles PETRY and Susannah WEHRLY.

1876 - Della P. GEGENHEIMER born in Florence, Erie County, Ohio.  Della was the daughter of August GEGENHEIMER and Sarah C. HALEY.

1880 - Edwin Karl Friedrich RITT born in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Edwin was the son of Karl Ludwig RITT and Anna Maria Louisa Catherine KAHRE.

1880 - Barbara WEHRLY died in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana.  Barbara was the daughter of George PETRY and Maria Catharina KALTREIDER.

1888 - Ezekiel Cooper CHEW died in St. Joseph County, Indiana.  Ezekiel was the son of Nathaniel CHEW and Mary WEST.  Ezekiel was my 3x-great grandfather.

1888 - Margaret E. SWAFFORD born.  Margaret was the daughter of William E. SWAFFORD and Mary Lou SHERRILL.

1895 - Samuel Roscoe YOUNG born in Orestes, Madison County, Indiana.  Samuel was the son of Daniel Robert YOUNG and Gertrude JOHNSON.

1895 - Everet B. LEWIS born in Huntington County, Indiana.  Everet was the son of Jacob LEWIS and Marietta COOK.

1900 - Eugene Calvin SETTLE born.  Eugene was the son of Elias Jasper SETTLE and Rosa Ellen SWAFFORD.

1904 - Owen DAVIS died.  Owen was the son of Ehud DAVIS and Catherine DAVIS.

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