Tuesday, September 04, 2012

On This Day : September 4

1676 - Hannah FESSENDEN died in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Hannah was the daughter of Nicholas FESSENDEN and Margaret CHENEY.

1706 - James CRANDALL born.  James was the son of Jeremiah CRANDALL and Priscilla WARNER.

1737 - Abigial PHILBRICK born in Hampton, Province of New Hampshire.  Abigail was the daughter of John PHILBRICK and Judith SANBORN.

1737 - Mary CRANDALL married Joseph ADAMS in South Kingston, Rhode Island.  Mary was the daughter of Peter CRANDALL and Susannah TEFFT.

1783 - Joseph SMITH born in Frederick County, Virginia.  Joseph was the son of Jacob SMITH and Patience BALLINGER.

1808 - Susannah WILLIAMS married Elijah ANDERSON.  Susannah was the daughter of Isaac WILLIAMS and Mary ARNOLD.

1815 - Mary Crawford WARLDAW born. Mary was the daughter of James WARDLAW and Eleanor IRWIN.

1818 - Atchinson BROWN born in London, Middlesex, England.  Atchinson was the son of George BROWN and Isabelle NEALE.

1837 - Ananias DAVIS born.  Ananias was the son of Nathan J. DAVIS and Keziah DAVIS.

1840 - Hiram NAUSLER married Susanna SIMMONS in Hendricks County, Indiana.  Hiram was the son of Bostin NOSLER and Sarah KIRK.

1851 - George G. LAMBERTSON married Harriett JONES in Butler County, Ohio. George was the son of John LAMBERTSON and Sarah A. WILLSON.

1857 - Mary Francis DAVIS born in Long Run, Virginia.  Mary was the daughter of Zachariah DAVIS and Huldah DAVIS.

1858 - Franklin M. PATTERSON born in Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio.  Franklin was the son of James C. PATTERSON and Amanda Cassandra MAXON.

1859 - Robert Burrell BURCHFIEL born.  Robert was the son of Joseph Rmenia BURCHFIEL and Louisa LEE.

1862 - David W. BEVAN born.  David was the son of Stacy BEVAN and Sarah BEALS.

1873 - Chauncey YOUNG married Ellen HUSS.  Chauncey was the son of Noah YOUNG and Orlintha BROWN.

1884 - Myrtle Annie BURCHFIEL born in Georgiana, Florida.  Myrtle was the daughter of Robert Burrell BURCHFIEL and Julia Bell BRUNER.

1885 - Elijah CUMMINGS born in Tennessee.  Elijah was the son of St. Patrick Merlin CUMMINGS and Melinda Ellen PACE.

1891 - Joel SHIRK died in Noble County, Indiana.  Joel was the son of Michael SHIRK and Barbara FLICKINGER.

1895 - Ella Maude LEE married John FIELDS.  Ella was the daughter of William Burrell LEE and Margaret Jane SWAFFORD.

1900 - Dora Alice CRAWFORD born in Van Zandt, Texas.  Dora was the daughter of George Newton CRAWFORD and Mary Elizabeth BIRDWELL.

1903 - Rebecca A. COFFELT died in Hickory Hill, Cole County, Missouri.  Rebecca was the daughter of John Calvin SWAFFORD and Mary Ellen SHIRLEY.

1912 - Bessie Ethyle ALDERMAN married Leonard A.V. JOHNSON in Greenville, Bond County, Illinois.  Bessie was the daughter of James William ALDERMAN and Vashti KIMBRO.

1917 - Doty METZNER died in Elkhart County, Indiana.  Doty was the daughter of John W. METZNER.

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