Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On This Day : October 30

1666 - Deborah PIERCE born in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Deborah was the daughter of John PIERCE and Deborah CONVERS.

1686 - Samuel CRANDALL born.  Samuel was the son of Samuel CRANDALL and Sarah COLBY.

1703 - Dorothy MAXSON born.  Dorothy was the daughter of John MAXSON and Judith CLARKE.

1710 - Joseph BROWN married Margaret SINKLER.  Joseph was the son of William BROWN and Dorothy ________.

1746 - John MAXSON married Sarah BURDICK.  John was the son of John MAXSON and Thankful RANDALL.

1774 - Jeremiah HAINES died in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Jeremiah was the son of William HAINES and Sarah PAINE.  Jeremiah was my 7x-great grandfather.

1781 - Rebecca MOULTON born.  Rebecca was the daughter of John MOULTON and Avis HURLBUT.

1804 - Mary HUNT born in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Mary was the daughter of Isom HUNT and Margaret BUNDY.

1816 - Hiram HUNT married Sally COOK in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Hiram was the son of Eleazer HUNT and Lydia WORLEY.

1845 - James W. ALDERMAN married Nancy J. WILSON in Greenville, Bond County, Illinois.  James was the son of James ALDERMAN and Martha CANTELL.

1862 - William E. SWAFFORD born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  William was the son of William Harrison SWAFFORD and Ann E. VICKERY.

1863 - Joel MAXON died in Pennsylvania.  Joel was the son of Stephen MAXON and Margaret BRANNON.

1870 - Hannah Melvina BECKETT married William Jacob COCKE.  Hannah was the daughter of Lemuel Daugherty BECKETT and Sarah Springer CHEW.

1894 - Lenora BOYER born.  Lenora was the daughter of Carlos J. BOYER and Cordie Bell WHITE.

1895 - Dessie May LEE married Thomas Henry FIELDS in Ray County, Missouri. Dessie was the daughter of William Burrell LEE and Margaret Jane SWAFFORD.

1898 - Leslie S. YOUNG married Matilda Agnes GREEN.  Leslie was the son of Sidney YOUNG and Mary Louisa BEAHLER.

1908 - Alvin Edward SWAFFORD born.  Alvin was the son of Albert SWAFFORD and Della Mae BURGESS.

1909 - Frederick P. WEHRLY died.  Frederick was the son of Johannes WEHRLY and Barbara PETRY.

1929 - Dora Ella GOODMAN died in Rayville, Missouri.  Dora was the daughter of Samuel Richard SWAFFORD and Susan Isabell McGAUGH.

1938 - Anna GROENENDYKE died in Liberty Township, Darke County, Ohio.  Anna was the daughter of George MILLER and Barbara BOLLINGER.

1971 - Ord Wehrly LeMASTER died in Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana.  Ord was the son of Luman Cooper LeMASTERS and Barbara Isabel WEHRLY.  Ord was my grandfather.

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