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Death Certificate : John Adam Metzner, Jay County, Indiana (1895)

Source : John Metzner death certificate, Book H-2, page 51 (1895) Jay County, Indiana Health Department, Portland, Indiana.

Jay County Indiana
Geneology Death Record

Name : Metzner, John A.
Date of Death : 12/04/1895   Time: 0:00    Sex: M

Age: 55   Months: 0   Days: 0    Hours: 0   Minutes: 0

Birthdate :  [blank]     Place: Ohio
Death Address: Jay County, Indiana
Residence : Jay County, Indiana

County :   Jay County
Marital Status :  Married      Spouse:  [blank]
Race:  White     Occupation: [blank]
Father : John Metzner  Birth: Germany
Mother: Catherine Young Birth : France

Burial Date :  [blank]
Funeral home : [blank]
Address: [blank]

File Date : 12/14/1895 Book No: H-2   Page: 51  Local No: [blank]
Physician: J.A. Morehouse
Manner of Death : Natural
Cause of Death : Chronic diarrhea, hepatitis, peritonitis, knitis

The above death certificate is for my paternal 2nd-great grandfather, John Adam Metzner (1840-1895).  I obtained this copy of his death record on my most recent research trip to Jay County.

Facts that I already knew were his death date, December 4, 1895 and his place of birth as being Ohio. His obituary lists his place of birth as Licking County, Ohio. The time of death is not listed, but his obituary stated that he died at 7 o'clock in the evening, at his home in the north-east corner of Wayne township.

The death certificate named his parents as John Metzner born in Germany and Catherine Young born in France.  This corresponds with other information I have.

The death certificate also states he was married.  His wife, Clara (Moulton) Metzner outlived him nearly four more years.

The death certificate notes the physician was J.A. Morehouse and that the cause of death was chronic diarrhea, hepatitis, peritonitis and knitis.  That does sound painful.

He was a veteran of the Civil War, having been severely wounded near Burnt Hickory during the Atlanta campaign.

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