Thursday, November 08, 2012

Exploratory Data Analysis Through 2x-Great Grandparents

It took me longer than I had hoped, but I'm finally done with the initial series of Exploratory Data Analysis posts on my 2x-great grandparents.  Now it will be time to add all of the research to-do items to my list and begin to fill in the blanks.  Once that is completed, I will work on using the same format for my great-aunts and uncles before moving on to my 3x-great grandparents, etc.

I did learn quite a bit about some of the assumptions I had made and the missing facts ("holes") in my database.  After doing this family history gathering for so many years, it was surprising that there were things I didn't have documented about my 2x-great grandparents.  Of course, with my organizational skills, I may discover that I already had the information.

Here are the links to the posts about the exploratory data analysis posts for my 2x-great grandparents:

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