Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birth of Elizabeth Price (1683-1716) Northampton, Massachusetts

Several months ago, cousin Yvonne Demoskoff of Yvonne's Genealogy Blog responded to one of my "cousin bait" posts describing the events in my family history that occurred on August 12th.  Yvonne quickly responded that we shared a common ancestor, as Elizabeth Price (1683-1716) was her 8x-great grandmother.  Elizabeth was my 8x-great grandaunt, the daughter of Sarah Webb (1646-1704) and Robert Price.  I descend from Sarah Webb (1646-1704) and her first husband, Zechariah Field (1645-1674), through son John Field (1673-1718).

Yvonne's ancestor, Elizabeth Price (1683-1716) was taken captive during the raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts on February 29, 1704.  She was one of 109 captives.  Her mother, Sarah (Webb) Price (my ancestor) was killed during the raid.  According to Yvonne, Elizabeth was taken to New France where she later married in 1706 at Montreal to Jean Fourneau dit Brindamour.

After contacting me, Yvonne asked if I had any sources for the birth date for Elizabeth, which I showed in my database as occurring in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on August 12, 1683.  Unfortunately, I did not have sources for this information.  Much of the information I had obtained came from an excellent textbook "Captors and Captives: The 1704 French and Indian Raid on Deerfield" by Kevin Sweeney.   I found the book on and found it a fascinating read.

Sorting through my unfinished email business, I decided today to renew my search for records of Elizabeth's birth and I found her!  At, I was able to access the vital records of the Town of Northampton, Massachusetts and browse them year by year, looking for Elizabeth.  Though hard to read, below is the image I located.

August 12 Elizabeth Daug of Robert & Sarah Price born

Source: Massachusetts, Town Clerk, Vital and Towns Records, 1579-2001. Images. FamilySearch accessed 20 Jan 2012.

A link to the exact location of the record can be found here.  I am excited to find this record and add a source to my database, and look forward to searching the rest of these vital records to locate information on the rest of the family.


Yvonne Demoskoff said...

I'm so impressed with your dedication to my question, Travis! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Price is my 6th Great Aunt. I descend from her brother Samuel Price who is my 5th Great Grandfather. Is anybody else having a hard time getting past Robert Price..Elizabeth and Samuels father???

Catherine said...

Another relative here! Like Yvonne I'm also a decendent of Elisabeth Price. Excellent research!

Shelley Seymour said...

Just noticed this. I believe I'm also a descendant of Elizabeth Price and two others at Deerfield. Mathematically, there must be hundreds of us likewise descended from her, but it's interesting to read this.