Friday, February 08, 2013

Please Mister Postman

The demise of Saturday mail delivery is just another example of the changing times.  Old curmudgeon that I am, I enjoy receiving mail, whether it be a letter or a bill.  Though I can’t recall the last time someone wrote me a letter, I can say that I just recently sent a few.  

In the past week, I decided to write my aunts, uncles and parents and ask them to return in a SASE some basic family history questions.  While some of this has been told to me before, I wanted to take the opportunity to get them to write it down.  I plan to preserve their answers as part of the family history.  My plan is to send a few more letters like this throughout the year, asking general questions about family history that I wouldn’t know.  My memories of my grandparents for example, will be vastly different than that of my aunts and uncles. 

Perspective is everything in family history.

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Grandma Honey said...

I should do the same thing Travis. You continue to inspire me.