Friday, March 22, 2013

Postcard Friday : Two Little Ladies

New Corydon, Ind.
October 10, 1921 A.M.

Mrs. Clarence Stuber
Spencerville, Ohio
R.R. # 5

This is Monday morn. I am feeling good again.  Hope you are the same.  Grandpa Martin is dead funeral tomorrow at 10 o'clock.  Are you coming out here at our house next Sunday.  We are looking for you.  So write and let me know for sure.  We were up home yesterday Mother is feeling better.  Mildred is all right.  She says tell them to come Sun.    Mary

This postcard is part of the collection of my paternal great-uncle and aunt, Clarence and Vera (Haley) Stuber.  The postcard is from Vera's sister, Mary, and the Mildred mentioned is Mary's daughter.  Who is the Grandpa Martin?  Mary's husband was Galen Miller, perhaps he was from his side?  There was a George Martin, who died in 1921, from the area buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery.  Perhaps he was not a relative at all, but just someone whom everyone knew as 'Grandpa'.

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