Monday, December 16, 2013

More Wright Deeds Clermont County Ohio

Researching at the Genealogy Center, I located the following Wright family records in Clermont County Ohio Deeds and Mortgages 1791-1830 an index by Alma Aicholtz Smith, 1991.  Will be writing to the Clermont County Recorder to obtain copies of these:

1808  Wright, George to Wright, Sarah (mother)                Book F-05:397    Acres? Pleas Twp.

1807 Wright, John to Haines, Joseph                                       Book E-04:359    Lot # 120 Wmsburgh

1807 Wright, John to Jamison, Robert B                                 Book F-05:303    4 lots Wmsburgh

1804 Wright, John to Bunting, Ramoth                                    Book C-02:195   # 192, 194 Wmsburgh

1821 Wright, Joseph to Whetstone, John Sr.                        Book V-20:013   60a S-1115

1819 Wright, Joseph to Lewis, William                                     Book U-19:060   Mortgage 60a

1823 Wright, Robert to Hare, Thomas                                     Book V-20:411 Lots Miami Twp

1812 Wright, Sarah to Wright, George (son)                         Book K-09:064  A? Pleasant Twp

1819 Wright, William to Evans, Griffith                                    Book T-18:147    Lot # 88 Mechburgh

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