Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gilbert and Lena Pierpont of Muncie come for visit

Portland, Indiana Semi-Weekly Sun, March 23, 1900, page 5

Gilbert Pierpont and wife, of Muncie, visited this week with James Huston and George Straube.

Located this article through, showing Gilbert and Lena (Orcutt) Pierpont of Muncie visiting in the Portland area.  Lena was my paternal first cousin three times removed, the daughter of James Orcutt and Samantha E. Metzner.

The James Huston being visited was likely the James who had married Caroline Metzner, Lena's aunt.  Caroline died that year.   I have not yet connected George Straube to my family.

Gilbert and Lena were married November 27, 1899 in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.  They were the parents of my black-sheep cousin, Harry Pierpont, member of the Dillinger gang.

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