Thursday, April 03, 2014

Admixture : Eurogenes - Travis

I took advantage of the free tools at to compute the admixture of my DNA using the Eurogenes K13 project.  Admixture is when two or more previously separated populations interbreed.  The Eurogenes project is for those with primarily European ancestry, and more detail can be found at the Eurogenes Genetic Ancestry Project blog.

North_Atlantic 44.47%
Baltic                 26.11%
West_Med           12.66%
West_Asian          6.16%
East_Med              5.55%
Red_Sea               0.15%
South_Asian          1.98%
East_Asian -    
Siberian -    
Amerindian           1.29%
Oceanian -    
Northeast_African  1.52%
Sub-Saharan          0.10%

This paints an interesting picture of my deep ancestry with only slight variation from 23andMe, showing traces of Native American.

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