Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Grandmas & Me

I came across this picture today on my PC and thought I'd upload it.- The photo is of my grandmothers, Ruth (Haley) LeMaster and Bonnie (Lambertson) Wright, celebrating with me when I obtained my Eagle Scout rank. The photo was taken at the First United Methodist Church in Alexandria, IN. I was a member of Troop 381, and one of the youngest, if not the youngest, Eagle Scouts the troop has ever had.

One of my favorite merit badges, was of course, Genealogy!

I remember interviewing my Grandma Wright for my merit badge - her stories about the Lambertson family are some of the oldest files in my family history.

I also remember a trip we took to Dearborn, MI with both grandmas in the car, and being the oldest grandchild, I was able to hear stories from both of them. Grandma LeMaster would tell about milk routes, and living on the farm, and Grandma Wright would tell stories about World War II.

Just missing them today....


Nancy said...

Okay, so I feel a little silly commenting on a nearly-4-year-old post, but I was thinking of giving you the Ancestors Approved Award and came to see if you had it already - and, of course, you did. So then I noticed that you started your blog in April several years ago and decided to see when your blogiversary was - and found this photograph.

You look about 12 and I know that's too young to get an Eagle. What a fun photo, though, and especially seeing you with your grandmothers and knowing how they contributed to your genealogy interest. BTW, congatulations on getting an Eagle!

Travis LeMaster said...

Thanks, Nancy. Yes, I was pretty young, only 13 1/2, when I received my Eagle. Looking back, those days in the Boy Scouts were some of the best times.

Our troop did a lot of canoeing and camping, something I haven't done for years. Now days, I don't think I could get up off of the ground if I slept in a tent!