Friday, June 09, 2006

Right Under My Nose

Sometimes the best genealogical information is right under my nose. I'm in the middle of finishing up the scanning of several years worth of accumulation of paperwork, and noticing just how many tidbits of family history I've missed along the way.

For instance, today in looking at the Civil War pension papers of Nathaniel Derby Chew, I found that it contained certified transcripts from the family Bible of his father, Ezekiel Cooper Chew. Therein were full names (middle names, too) and birth and death dates that I simply had missed and did not yet have added to my Family Tree Maker database.

There is much for me to add to my database as I go through this information, source it and update my files, and it makes me wonder how many times I've tried to re-invent the wheel. Perhaps that key to unlocking a family mystery was already in my files all along, and I had overlooked it.

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