Monday, August 28, 2006

Today in my database : Joananh Antonides (b. August 28, 1778)

Today's featured relative in my database is my maternal 5th-great grandmother, Joannah Antonides.

Joannah was born August 28, 1778 in New Jersey. She is believed to be the daughter of Pieter and Catherine (Vanderveer) Antonides. She married June 4, 1797 in New Jersey to James Groenendyke, son of Nicholas Groenendyke. James was born 1770 in Middlesex Co., NJ., and died September 1836 in Fayette Co., IN. Joannah died 1825 in Fayette Co., IN.

Known children of James and Joannah (Antonides) Groenendyke are as follows :
i. Nicholas Groenendyke b. 1798 Middlesex Co., NJ., d. bef. 1836 prob. Decatur Co., IN., m. Lydia ________
ii. Peter Groenendyke b. May 2, 1800 New Jersey, d. August 24, 1854 Montgomery Co., IN., m. Hannah Beard
iii. John Groenendyke b. October 18, 1802 New Jersey, d. January 19, 1886, m. Elizabeth Smelser.
iv. Catherine Groenendyke b. 1805 Marlboro, Monmouth Co., NJ., d. 1876, m. James Lindsey Montgomery
v. Thomas Hagerman Groenendyke b. January 18, 1808 New Jersey, d. September 24, 1875, m. Nancy Moffett
vi. James Groenendyke b. August 12, 1812 New Jersey, d. October 3, 1878 Delaware Co., IN., m. Charity Durman
vii. Michael Groenendyke b. May 25, 1815 Dearborn Co., IN., d. February 5, 1899, m. Anna Hankins
viii. Elias Groenendyke b. May 20, 1818 Fayette Co., IN, d. May 23, 1906 Darke Co., OH, m. Nancy Jenkins m(2) Hester Teaford

I descend from James and Joannah (Antonides) Groenendyke through their son, Elias, as follows :
Joannah Antonides and James Groenendyke
Elias Groenendyke and Nancy Jenkins
Catherine Groenendyke and Edmund G. Pierce
William Francis Pierce and Clara Pennisten
Edna Muriel Pierce and Virgil Lee Wright (my great-grandparents)

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