Friday, August 18, 2006

Today in my database : Rebecca Page (b. August 18, 1806)

Today's featured relative in my database is my maternal 4th-great grandmother, Rebecca Page.

Rebecca was born August 18, 1806 in New Jersey. Her parentage is unknown, but she did have a brother named John, and it is believed that her grandfather was named John as well. Rebecca married Francis S. Pierce, son of Gordon and Thirsa (Smalley) Pierce, on October 25, 1831 in Wayne Co., IN. Francis was born June 8, 1806 in Vermont and died August 5, 1881 in Wayne Co., IN. Rebecca died June 26, 1893 in Wayne Co., IN.

Known children of Francis S. & Rebecca (Page) Pierce :

i. John b. ca. 1831; d. ca. 1832
ii. David b. ca. 1833; d. bef. 1840
iii. John b. ca. 1833; d. bef. 1840
iv. Henry Aldred b. October 10, 1833; d. aft. 1880; m. Scineathy Sinelsor
v. Francis N. b. July 25, 1835; m. Susan Moore
vi. Edmund G. b. April 30, 1837; d. January 8, 1875; m(1) Lydia Duell; m(2) Catherine Groenendyke
vii. Albert Orlando b. June 2, 1839; m(1) Elizabeth Williams Pike; m(2) Sarah ____
viii. Margaret P. b. October 17, 1840; m. William Henry Harrison Sommers
ix. Amanda P. b. December 20, 1842; d. February 22, 1845
x. Minerva b. December 6, 1846; d. August 31, 1902; m. Daniel Sigler
xi. Almira P. b. March 8, 1849; d. 1926; m. Andrew Jackson Sigler
xii. Emma Pierce b. February 20, 1851; d. August 15, 1853

I descend from Francis & Rebecca's son, Edmund G, as follows :

Rebecca Page m. Francis S. Pierce
Edmund G. Pierce m. Catherine Gronendyke
William Francis Pierce m. Clara Pennisten
Edna Muriel Pierce m. Virgil Lee Wright (my great-grandparents)

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