Sunday, October 15, 2006

Getting others interested in family history

Yesterday my parents stop by for a visit after spending the day at the Batte of Mississinewa 1812 reenactment. It wasn't too long before we started talking about family history, as they really enjoyed the family tree book that I had put together for the last LeMaster reunion. Dad wanted to borrow it again, and talking about ancestors had him thinking about his own research in the 1970's.

Mom is putting together a project at the school for veteran's day, so she's asking me for information as to who served in what war from our family. Basically, we've had family members in almost every conflict that this country has been a part of. We've had relatives on both sides during the Civil War and the American revolution.

I've never worked out the paper trail hard enough to provide proof for the lineage societies, but maybe that is something I will work on in my multitudes of free time.

One thing I've noticed is that other's in the family are not as interested in genealogy and family history unless they can tie it to a specific event, i.e. the Civil War. Names and dates and who married whom will simply bore them to tears.

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