Sunday, December 17, 2006

Today in my database : Robert Haines (b. December 17, 1741)

Today's featured relative in my database is my maternal 6th-great grandfather, Robert Haines.

Robert was born December 17, 1741 in Burlington Co., NJ, the son of Jeremiah and Hannah (Bonnell) Haines. Robert married on May 17, 1766 in Burlington Co., NJ to Rachel Venicomb, daughter of Francis and Rachel (Lippincott) Venicomb. Rachel was born ca. 1742 and died March 30, 1817 in Burlington Co., NJ. Robert died June 21, 1821 in Burlington Co., NJ.

They were members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) in the Mount Holly Monthly Meeting. Robert was known as "Rich Bobby", and was reported to the monthly meeting on 1st mo. 5 dy. 1780 for paying a fine in lieu of personal services to carry on the war, and for this action he was disowned on 6th mo. 9 dy. 1780.

Some of the above dates were improperly recorded/converted from the Quaker dating system.

Known children of Robet and Rachel (Venicomb) Haines are as follows :
i. Charlotte Haines b. January 21, 1768 Burlington Co., NJ, d. August 24, 1821 Burlington Co., NJ, m. Michael Woolston
ii. Hannah Haines b. January 21, 1768 Burlington Co., NJ, d. February 7, 1813 Burlington Co., NJ., m. Samuel Woolston
iii. Anne Haines b. November 19, 1769 Burlington Co., NJ, d. February 23, 1854 Burlington Co., NJ.
iv. Jeremiah Haines b. November 19, 1771 Burlington Co., NJ
v. William R. Haines b. May 21, 1774 Burlington Co., NJ., d. June 10, 1825 Burlington Co., NJ, m. Mary B. Mullen
vi. Rebecca Haines b. December 8, 1776 Burlington Co., NJ, d. March 15, 1816 Burlington Co., NJ
vii. Rachel Haines b. November 20, 1779 Burlington Co., NJ, d. October 31, 1849 Burlington Co., NJ
viii. Sarah Haines b. January 17, 1782 Burlington Co., NJ, d. September 5, 1825 Burlington Co., NJ
ix. Mary Haines b. July 10, 1784 Burlington Co., NJ, d. December 14, 1843 Burlington Co., NJ
x. Beulah Haines b. May 10, 1787 Burlington Co., NJ, d. January 5, 1832 Burlington Co., NJ, m. Joseph Deacon

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