Monday, January 08, 2007

Chivlare Family Lineage

Here is the latest information I have on my daughter's Chivlare family line, starting with her great-grandmother.

Hallie Marie CHIVLARE b. April 20, 1910 Yankeetown, Warrick Co., IN., d. March 19, 1979 Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., IN., m. Arthur MILLER

Alpha Revis CHIVLARE b. March 1866 Indiana, d. July 7, 1919 Perry Twp., Vanderburgh Co., IN., m. Clara Belle FOLLOWAY

Miles CHIVLARE/CHEVALIER b. bet. 1827-1828 Indiana, d. May 25, 1881 Newburgh, Warrick Co., IN., m. Louisa J. BOYER


Anonymous said...

Hello Travis its been a while since we talked,i talked to a cusan of mine im Illinose and she sent me several old photos of the Chivlare part of the family ones i remember seeing from a child one of Elizabeth Chivlare who was on the Trail Of Tears and escaped and ran north to the Ohio River were she meet a French fur trapper, another of her and her douhter Evie Brody, another of Wes Followay who was Viola my great grandmothers 1st husband, her acual maid-in name was Allen, wes died at a very young age then married Issac Chivlare, have Photo of Issac & Viola with my grandmother when she was about 7 or 8 . have 1 of Victoria, Flora whose granddoughter i got this from but i have several other photos that i will sare with the project, i don,t have a Photo of Miles Thoough, you can contact me by E-Mail, i am on facebook also , happy hunting and if you would like copys will do ,

Mistina / said...

My dad has elizabeth's arrow head and picture. She is my great great grandmother.