Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Caroline Bishop Woolston (b. February 6, 1826)

Today's featured relative in my database is my paternal 3rd-great grandmother, Caroline Bishop Woolston.

Caroline was born February 6, 1826 in Vincentown, Burlington Co., NJ, the daughter of Abel B. and Rachel (Woolston) Woolston. Caroline married December 29, 1842 in New Jersey to Ezekiel Cooper Chew, the son of Nathaniel and Mary (West) Chew. Ezekiel was born January 17, 1822 in Gloucester Co., NJ., and died August 27, 1888 in St. Joseph's Co., IN. Caroline died February 27, 1879 in Rossburg, Stark Co., OH.

Children of Ezekiel Cooper and Caroline Bishop (Woolston) Chew are as follows :
i. Abel Woolston Chew b. November 11, 1843 Burlington Co., NJ., d. January 9, 1903, m. Salome H. Holdeman
ii. Nathaniel Derby Chew b. April 17, 1845 New Jersey, d. after 1920 census, m. Margaret H. Heistand
iii. Mary Keziah Chew b. February 13, 1847 Burlington Co., NJ., d. February 22, 1927 Jay Co., IN, m. Luman Walker Lemasters Jr.
iv. James Chew b. ca. 1848 Indiana, d. ca. 1852
v. Millard F. Chew b. February 1850 Ohio, d. June 4, 1851
vi. Sarah Fidelia Chew b. 1852 Camden Co., NJ, d. 1935, m. David Eley
vii. Samuel W. Chew b. March 3, 1852, d. March 4, 1852
viii. Caroline Bishop Chew b. April 11, 1854 Ohio, d. October 1, 1920, m. Fred E. Whitacre
ix. Ezekiel Cooper Chew b. January 1856 Ohio, d. after 1920 census, m. Minne J. Safford
x. William Anderson West Chew b. April 4, 1858 Darke Co., OH., d. January 6, 1914 Jay Co., IN., m. Emma Susan Straight
xi. Charles Alexander West Chew b. August 18, 1860 Darke Co., OH, d. July 16, 1925, m. Rebecca F. Shumaker
xii. Horace Virgil Chew b. February 1865 Ohio, m. Esther V. Abel
xiii. Donovan R. Chew b. August 20, 1869 Ohio, after 1920 census, m. Bertha A. Adams
xiv. Jesse Chew

I descend from Ezekiel Cooper and Caroline Bishop (Woolston) Chew through their daughter, Mary Keziah, as follows :
Caroline Bishop Woolston and Ezekiel Cooper Chew
Mary Keziah Chew and Luman Walker Lemasters Jr.
Luman Cooper LeMasters and Barbara Isabelle Wehrly (my great-grandparents)


Carmen Rosales said...

Hi, Caroline Bishop Woolston Chew is also my 3rd great-grandmother through Abel Woolston Chew. The Chews seem to be well documented, but I was just looking into the Woolstons. It gets confusing since there seems to be 4 lines coming from the Woolstons of New Jersey. I appreciated finding your articles here.

Travis LeMaster said...

Hi Carmen,

Glad you found the blog. Would love to work with you on sharing information. The Woolstons are definitely an inter-married bunch, which makes it interesting. - Travis