Friday, February 16, 2007

Samuel Ivey Family - Marshall Co., KY & Lawrence Co., AR

Today I sourced the census data in the 1910 & 1920 census for Eileen's great-grandfather, Samuel Ivey. In 1910 the family is living in Marshall Co., KY and in 1920 they are across the Mississippi in Lawrence Co., AR. The last name is spelled Ivey in 1910 and Ivy in the 1920 record.

Samuel was a farmer in both census records - he and wife Emma Carter were married around 1896, probably in Kentucky. There is a tradition in Eileen's family of Cherokee Indian blood from this family line. The places of birth seem to indicate at least a possibility. In 1910, Samuel was born in Kentucky with his father born in Tennessee and mother born in Kentucky. By 1920, Samuel was born in Arkansas with his father born in Florida and mother born in Alabama. Likewise, in 1910 Emma was born in Arkansas with her father born in the United States and mother born in Kentucky. By 1920, Emma was born in Alabama with her father born in Alabama and mother born in Tennessee.

Known children of Samuel and Emma E. (Carter) Ivey are as follows :
i. [________] b. bet. 1898-1910; d. before 1910 census
ii. [________] b. bet. 1898-1910; d. before 1910 census
iii. Rebecca E. Ivey b. ca. 1898 Kentucky
iv. Pearl Ivey b. ca. 1900 Kentucky
v. Bessie Lee Ivey b. July 8, 1900 McCracken Co., KY, m. Patrick Cummings m(2) Tom Bosley
vi. Freddie W. Ivey b. ca. 1904 Kentucky
vii. Samuel A. Ivey b. ca. 1906 Kentucky
viii. Charles Ivey b. ca. 1912 Arkansas
ix. Lucy Ivey b. ca. 1916 Arkansas
x. Boyd Ivey b. ca. 1919 Arkansas
xi. Anna Ivey b. ca. 1919 Arkansas


Anonymous said...

I too have heard many stories of Grandma Bosley having been of the Cherokee bloodline but as of yet have not been able to substantiate this. Have you had any luck?

Crystal Boyet-Hampton said...

Okay so today I was informed by a family member that the Indian bloodline originated on my grandmother's (Violet Leona Bosley) father's (Tom Bosley) side. As of yet, I have not been able to even research this possibility as information regarding Thomas or Tom Bosley has yet to be gathered or known. My grandmother's birth certificate indicates that he was 30 at the time of her birth (1935) in Leachville, Arkansas which would mean he was born in either 1905 or 1906. Do you have any information on Tom Bosley?

Travis LeMaster said...

Crystal - Until your post, I didn't even have a possible birth date for Tom Bosley. Hopefully, the 1940 census will provide more clues when it is released next month.

Crystal Boyet-Hampton said...

Back to the Indian heritage point, I have hit a brick wall in regards to Thomas or Tom Bosley. The only connection that is even a long shot is that there are some Bosleys that were associated with the Mohawk tribe which immigrated from Canada...???

I did however find both a George and Emma Carter on Indian Rolls for Choctaw (Cherokee) - trying to figure out dates - Choctaw's were associated with Alabama where Emma was born - so that fits... I will keep you posted. Let me know if you figure anything out. Email:

Anonymous said...

Have you had any luck finding any additional information on Tom Bosley?