Friday, November 28, 2008

Seasons Past

December 1971 @ Grandma Wright's
[L-R : Kellie Wright, Jim Wright, Travis LeMaster, Jason LeMaster (seated)]

Christmastime is full of many traditions and memories in my family. I remember as a child going on Christmas Eve to my Grandma Wright's house in Alexandria, and then on Christmas day, after opening presents at home, we would travel to Grandma LeMaster's in Portland.

One of the family traditions that I recall from my youth at Christmastime was gathering together for a family photo. My cousins and I would gather next to the plastic Santa, who had our names written on his list, and pose for a group photo. The Santa is now at my mom & dad's, and they've tried to carry on the tradition by adding the grand kids names to Santa's list. I'm not sure when the Santa tradition started, as he is not in the 1971 photo above.

Another tradition I can recall from Grandma Wright's was the famous red punch that was a hit with the kids. If I remember correctly, it was Hawaiian Punch with ice cream. Many of the photographs from that time will show us kids with red punch smiles!

Early Christmas morning we had to eat breakfast before we could open any presents. I remember dad getting out the old Super 8 movie camera and the big light that it had. We each had to take a turn opening presents, so that everyone could see what was being opened. After everything was opened, we each placed all of our loot on the bed for a photograph that would show all of the things that we received. When we would get dressed to head over to Grandma LeMaster's we could take one or two things with us to play with.

At Grandma LeMaster's I remember a big meal with lots of cousins around watching football on television or playing games. Many times that would be the only time of the year that I would see these cousins.
Christmas continues to be a special time of the year for me, but for different reasons now. I wonder what the kid in the picture above was thinking about.
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