Saturday, July 11, 2009

LeMaster - Haley marriage: Jay County, Indiana

My paternal grandparents' application for a marriage license in Jay County, Indiana is below. There are a lot of interesting facts you can learn from a marriage license application, provided that the informants know their mother's maiden name, etc.
My grandfather listed his occupation as a farmer, my grandmother as a domestic. Both were born in Jay County, Indiana. Her birthdate of April 12, 1911 contradicts other information I have in my database, where I showed her as born on April 11. Will have to investigate that discrepancy.
Although I already knew the information, I appreciate the fact that this application gave the names and places of birth for their parents. Grandpa's parents, Luman C. LeMaster and (Barbara) Isabelle Wehrly were both born in Jay County, while grandma's parents, Eli W. Haley was born in Erie County, Ohio and Cora Belle Metzner was born in Jay County, Indiana. At the time of the marriage, great-grandmother LeMaster was deceased, she having died in 1930.
I find it interesting to look at their signatures on the application. Although the name is spelled LeMaster with a capital 'm' throughout the application, the signature shows that grandfather signed his name Lemaster with a lower case 'm' in this case.
The marriage was performed on February 20, 1932 by Ruth's brother-in-law, Eugene Kunce, who had married her sister, Clara Elnora Haley.


Nettie's Genbits said...

That is quite a license to have all that extra information. Wish KY and MN did that.

hummer said...

Great Work. It is so great that there are more and more areas of information out on the web as the government has quit hoarding all the information.
Glad to have you as a friend.
Have you signed up on FB with networking blogs?

Travis LeMaster said...

I was fortunate that I already had a copy from his CW pension papers. Hope to work out a series of posts on his service eventually.