Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nathan C. Beals, Probate Judge

While searching at Google Book Search, I found an interesting tidbit about my maternal 5th great grandfather, Nathan C. Beals (1789-1867). Nathan was mentioned in the book, Courts and Lawyers of Indiana by Leander John Monks, Logan Esarey, and Ernest Vivian Shockley. The book was published by Federal Pub. Co., in 1916 and was digitized from the Harvard University.

The mention on page 751 states, "Nathan C. Beals was the first Probate Judge (1844-46) of Howard county. He was a plain, good natured, unsophisticated farmer, and a man of average intellect. Benjamin Lesoura, who succeeded Beals, was an honest, upright and industrious citizen, and a farmer by occupation. Nathan C. Beals was elected to succeeded Judge Lesoura, and he, in turn, was followed by Robert Ervin, who served until the office was abolished."

At the time that he served, the county was known as Richardville county. Howard county was organized out of the Miami Reservation as Richardville county by act of the Indiana State Legislature on January 15, 1844. On December 28, 1846 the name of the county was changed to Howard by another act of the State Legislature.

Nathan appears in the 1850 census of Howard county in Taylor township with his occupation listed as a millwright, age 61, birthplace unknown. The 1860 census of Howard county shows his age as 70, born in Tennessee. Nathan was born 1789-9mo-3rd within the confines of Lost Creek Monthly Meeting, Jefferson County, Tennessee. He died 1867-9mo-5d in Humboldt, Richardson Co., Nebraska.

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